Glasses for neck and shoulder pain


Neck and shoulder pain and eyesight

Neck and shoulder pain can be very common, and very uncomfortable. In some cases, the tension in your neck and shoulders can also lead to eye pain. If you often experience this, there are ways to help to prevent or reduce the effects.

Glasses for neck and shoulder pain can be incredibly beneficial for those who suffer from this. This is because uncorrected vision could be one of the causes of pain in your neck and shoulders.

Where does neck and shoulder pain come from?

There could be a number of causes for neck and shoulder pain. One of the most widespread causes is your posture. Your posture can be instrumental to how your body feels, and it can be affected by things like working at a desk or by taking part in strenuous hobbies. Any changes in your posture can affect strain on your back muscles, which may lead to aches and pains.

Neck and shoulder pain may also come from increased use of digital devices, where your eyes need to work harder to see the bright screen and its pixels clearly.

Woman holding neck in pain whilst working on bright computer screen

The other common cause, as briefly mentioned, is uncorrected vision. Undiagnosed refractive errors like hypermetropia, presbyopia or myopia may result in the need to squint when trying to focus on looking at something. Without even knowing it, you may be damaging your posture by trying to move closer or further away from something.

In this case, glasses for neck and shoulder pain could be essential in order to reduce tension.

What glasses should you wear?

If you experience a throbbing pain around your temples, blurry vision or migraines, it is possible you are experiencing vision problems caused by muscle tension. However, as with any change in your vision, you should visit your optician and have your eyes tested.

Your optician may advise that you wear glasses in order to correct your vision. Glasses that can rectify neck and shoulder pain can vary depending on your vision needs. To see better for just close up objects, you will likely require single vision lenses for reading. On the other hand, you may require glasses for distance if you are diagnosed with myopia.

Did you know our eyes are not naturally fit for the digital age? After only 20 minutes of looking at objects nearby, our visual ability weakens and we can experience eyestrain, headaches, blurriness and neck pains(1). If you often use a digital device, and you find that you have trouble focusing on the screen, you could wear specialised lenses for screen use. Eyezen lenses are designed to help you improve your posture and support visual efforts when using digital devices.

Man looking at smartphone wearing Eyezen lenses

Reducing neck and shoulder pain

It is important to pay attention to your posture; if you notice you are slouching, correct your position where you can. If you work at a desk, your posture can be affected due to the position of your computer screen, chair and even lighting. Consider ensuring your computer screen is at arm’s length, and that the monitor is in line with your natural line of sight.

Wearing glasses for neck and shoulder pain can be a huge benefit and will reduce the need to strain your eyes. What’s more, you may also avoid having to move into unnatural positions in order to see clearly. Ensure you are wearing the correct prescription for your eyesight and attend regular eye examinations.

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