Glasses for photophobia


Photophobia is often known as light sensitivity and is experienced by many people across the world. If you have photophobia, your eyes will be extremely sensitive to certain levels of light. This usually includes sunlight, fluorescent light or incandescent light.

Photophobia can be incredibly uncomfortable and even painful, making it more difficult to see clearly. In some cases, photophobia is associated with another eye condition or sight loss. For instance, uveitis and cataracts can both cause light sensitivity in the eye. Photophobia can be a common symptom of migraines too.

Bright sunlight causes visual discomfort

If you suffer from photophobia, you are no doubt on the lookout for solutions that will ease the symptoms and make your vision more comfortable. Even though photophobia cannot be entirely prevented, there are things you can do to help reduce the effects, such as wearing glasses for photophobia.

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What are the causes and symptoms of photophobia?

Photophobia is not an eye disease, but a symptom. Light sensitivity can sometimes be a symptom of other eye conditions, such as dry eyes, keratitis, cataracts, conjunctivitis and blepharospasm. It is also associated with medical conditions related to the nervous system, such as meningitis.

If you have lighter coloured eyes, you are more likely to be susceptible to light sensitivity.

You will know you are suffering from photophobia if you often experience squinting, eye strain, blinking excessively, watery eyes or feeling dizzy when in well-lit conditions.

Sensitive to bright light

How can you reduce the effects of photophobia?

Photophobia occurs when the light level in your surroundings is too bright or extreme for your eyes to cope with, resulting in visual discomfort. If you are suffering from another eye condition that is causing photophobia, the best way to reduce the effects is to treat the underlying cause.

If you are naturally more sensitive to bright light, you might want to consider glasses for photophobia. Glasses for photophobia can help to shield your eyes from bright light conditions, helping you achieve more comfortable vision.

There are several types of glasses for photophobia that will help to reduce the effects of light sensitivity.

Xperio Polarised technology is a popular choice for photophobia because it is specifically designed to eliminate blinding glare; something that would be debilitating to those with photophobia. The technology can be combined in your lens solution so that your Xperio glasses protect your vision from glare, UV light and improve your colour perception, resulting in a much more positive visual experience.

Xperio Polarised eliminate blinding glare as well protecting your eyes from UV

These particular glasses for photophobia mean you are able to combine polarised technology with your favourite frames, so you can maintain your personal style while protecting yourself from light sensitivity.

Bright light can occur when you least expect it; whether the clouds suddenly roll away, or you enter a room full of fluorescent lights on full power. This can leave you feeling as though you don’t really have control over your photophobia, which can affect your quality of life. By wearing the right glasses for photophobia, you can improve this.

Transitions light intelligent technology allows your lenses to adapt automatically to changing light conditions, protecting your vision with fast reactions and the ability to go extra dark. Transitions XTRActive lenses react with both UV light and visible light in order to darken when necessary. As well as reducing the effects of glare on your vision, Transitions lenses can provide a comfortable visual experience. When combined with your lens solution, Transitions XTRActive lenses will have a subtle tint when indoors to help reduce the harshness of modern lighting, resulting in a comfortable pair of glasses.

Complete your glasses for photophobia with a lens enhancement that reduces reflections. Reflections can aggravate photophobia, Crizal Sapphire UV is a versatile lens enhancement that reduces reflections from all angles so that distracting, uncomfortable glare is diminished.

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