Glasses for eye strain


Eye strain is a common symptom that occurs when your eyes become tired after intense use. It can cause discomfort and you will likely find it annoying, especially if it affects what you’re doing. Eye strain will likely go away once you have rested your eyes. Wearing glasses for eye strain can be a helpful solution to help prevent eye strain from happening in the first place, or to reduce additional symptoms that come with it.

Glasses that are optimised for eye strain can be incredibly helpful for your visual comfort, allowing you to see clearly without suffering from discomfort. You may also hear eye strain referred to as eye fatigue. So, if you’re looking for a way to prevent or reduce the symptoms, glasses for eye strain can provide the answer. 

What is eye strain?

Eye strain is common and is usually caused by looking at something for an extended period of time. This can include digital screens or driving. Signs of eye strain include tired, burning or itching eyes, headaches, sore neck or shoulders and increased sensitivity to light.

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You might choose to wear glasses for eye strain if you have to use a computer for work, if you frequently drive, or if you use your smartphone a lot during the day. Other causes of eye strain can include being exposed to bright light or exposure to a fan, either for heating or air-conditioning.

If you often experience any of these conditions or signs, it’s important that you attend a regular eye examination. You may benefit from wearing glasses for eye strain.

How can glasses help eye strain?

Glasses for eye strain can create a helpful aid so that your eyes don’t have to work so hard through the day. Wearing glasses optimised for reducing eye strain can help you benefit from high-resolution vision, supporting you when you’re working on a computer or driving to a holiday destination.

By wearing glasses for eye strain, the lenses can help your eyes to focus much easier. You can choose a specific lens type optimised to reduce or prevent eye strain and can even enhance the lens further to protect your eyes from fatigue.

Our single vision lenses, Eyezen, are able to deliver sharp vision in order to provide improved visual performance when carrying out activities. What’s more, you don’t even need a prescription to wear them; so, if you just want a little support for your eyes, Eyezen lenses are the perfect glasses for eye strain.

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If you suffer from presbyopia you’ll need varifocal lenses to correct your vision. Varilux Digitime lenses are designed for digital device use and can also reduce and prevent eye strain thanks to the optimisation of the lens for close up work, for those times you use your smartphone.

Transitions XTRActive has light intelligent technology that can be combined with your corrective lenses. The subtle hint of a tint from Transitions XTRActive can help reduce the harsh brightness from your office environment making for a more comfortable vision.

Lens coatings can provide ample visual support when it comes to eye strain. Our range of Crizal coatings can protect your eyes by reducing reflections to help reduce the symptoms of eye strain.

Top tips for reducing eye strain

If you are completing a task for a prolonged period of time, it’s important that you take regular breaks in order to let your eyes rest. This is crucial in reducing the symptoms of eye strain.

It can also be helpful to adjust your working space, including decreasing any bright light or glare in your environment.

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