Glasses for 20-39 year olds


Glasses for an active life

Young adults live a busy lifestyle which often involves working on many different devices, commuting to and from work, travelling and socialising. It’s important that your vision can support this active lifestyle and that you take action to enhance your eyesight.

Those under the age of 40 should ensure they are wearing the right glasses for young adults, to make sure their visual needs are met depending on their lifestyle. It’s also important for adults around this age to be looking at preventative care to reduce the risk of eye disease later in life. Lifestyle choices such as alcohol, smoking and diet all play a role in future eye health.

Looking after your eyes with glasses for young adults

Common eye conditions such as eye strain can be very prevalent in young adults, thanks to the rise of digital devices that are used in nearly every aspect of life. If you require glasses, it’s key that you are wearing lenses optimised for digital screens. Eyezen lenses are single vision glasses that can help to prevent eye strain and provide comfortable sharp vision.

Glasses optimised for digital devices

If you often switch between your smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV, the right glasses for young adults can ensure your eyes don’t need to overwork themselves in order to keep up.

Commuting is probably a large part of everyday life at this age too. Many young adults can spend up to 2 hours or more commuting every day, in all weather. Bright light, in particular, can cause a problem on the road for two reasons; glare and sunlight.

When it comes to practical but stylish glasses for young adults, Transitions XTRActive can provide a lens solution to make your daily commute more comfortable. These photochromic lenses can protect your vision on the road from glare, which can be caused by other cars or the surface of the road. Tinting automatically based on both UV light and visible light, these glasses for young adults can provide everyday eye care and visual comfort.

Glasses can my your work commute more enjoyable

Exposure to UV light can be a contributing factor of diseases such as cataracts and AMD(1). By wearing these glasses for young adults, you can reduce your risk(2).

Combining your prescription with fashionable styles

As a young adult, it’s likely that while you are concerned with protecting your eye health, you still want to look good doing it. Having the right frames to express your style is an important part of wearing glasses.

Many glasses for young adults allow you to combine your eye prescription with both practical lenses and stylish frames, resulting in the perfect visual solution for your needs and lifestyle.

If you already require a prescription for glasses, you might be looking for lenses that are as fashionable as they are efficient; this is particularly true for sunglasses. Xperio Mirrors can do just this.

Mirrored sunglasses are stylish and functional

Xperio Mirrors provide a mirrored effect for your sunglasses, with a choice of colours such as bronze, silver, violet, ocean blue or forest green. This wide choice of glasses for young adults allows you to decrease light exposure while increasing your style, resulting in protection from glare and harmful UV rays.

Combined with Xperio Polarised lenses your glasses can have the highest level of UV protection within our range(3), for ultimate sun protection. Ready for those adventure holidays, relaxing beach breaks or sightseeing weekends, Xperio Polarised glasses for young adults can eliminate blinding glare so you can continue doing what you love.

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(2) Eye health relies on various factors (age, genetic, smoking, diet …). Light is one of the modifiable risk factors on which an ophthalmic lens may act.

(3) When combined with Crizal Sun UV