Glasses for 3-12 years old


When should I get my child's eyes checked?

It's recommended for children to have their first eye examination around 2 years old and then every 2 years unless otherwise advised by your optician. If glasses for kids are recommended after their eye test it is usually to correct a refractive error, a common condition where your child finds it difficult to either see things at a distance or close-up.

It’s important that your children’s eyes are examined regularly to ensure their vision is developing properly. Serious vision problems are usually rare, but they can help to identify and treat problems early on. What’s more, your child may not always recognise when they have a vision problem, so as a parent it’s crucial that you take note of anything different in their behaviour.

Does my child need glasses?

You might need to consider glasses for kids if your child complains of headaches, or that their eyes feel tired. If you notice your child sits more closely to the TV than usual, or if they hold a book closer than normal, they may have myopia or hypermetropia respectively.

Eye examinations for children

Other signs that your child may need glasses is if they often rub their eyes frequently, or if they develop problems with hand-eye coordination.

Protecting your child’s vision

Your child’s vision is incredibly important, especially if they are of school-age. Being able to see the teacher, the board or their textbook is a crucial part of learning. Your local optometrist can identify the vision problem and dispense the right glasses for kids, so you can rest assured your child can see clearly.

An important factor to consider when looking at glasses for kids is that the lenses should meet demanding standards. After all, your child is no doubt always on the go and running around. Glasses for kids should be able to withstand a little rough and tumble. With that in mind, consider additional enhancements for the lenses, such as scratch-resistant coatings and anti-reflective coatings. This will ensure your child’s glasses will remain clear and unscathed for longer!

Girl holding glasses

When it comes to choosing glasses for kids, it’s key that the lenses include UV protection. It’s great that kids spend so much time outside, but it’s important that their eyes are protected from potentially harmful UV light. Children’s eyes are more vulnerable than adults, so make sure their glasses are protecting their vision as well as correcting it.

Choosing the right glasses for kids

At Essilor, we have a number of glasses that are perfect for kids. Eyezen lenses are single vision lenses perfectly optimised for children who might use computers a lot at school. Designed to help prevent eye strain, Eyezen lenses for children can be worn with or without a prescription. So, whether your child needs glasses to see the board, or they simply just want a more comfortable visual experience, Eyezen can help to relieve the strain of looking at digital devices.

Mother and daughter wearing glasses looking at laptop

When it comes to constantly running in and out of the house playing with friends or at school, it’s helpful to have lenses that will automatically adapt to the changing light conditions. Transitions are the perfect glasses for kids to achieve this, with photochromic technology that offers optimal protection from bright light conditions. Transitions lenses are also helpful for reducing glare, and offering protection from UVA and UVB rays.

If you’re hoping to make sure your child’s glasses go the distance, you might want to consider Crizal lens coatings. Ideal for keeping your glasses for kids in working condition, Crizal offers a number of benefits including scratch-resistant and protection from smudges, dust and water.


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