Glasses by age



Whether you need lenses to correct your distance, near vision or both, find the right ones for you.

Explore the different age categories for lenses and find the right lens solutions for your life.  Learn about eye conditions that can affect someone you care for and find out what lenses are best to correct and manage any conditions that they may suffer from as well as the lenses to suit their lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for scratch-resistant lenses for your child, information on cataracts or looking for a new stylish pair of glasses you’ve come to the right place.  

We cover when to take your child for an eye examination and how to support their eyes develop in a crucial time in their life as well as how to encourage your child to wear their glasses at school or home.

How to support your eyesight in adult life and what you can do to get the most from one of highest valued senses. Learn what measures you can take to support your eyes and health in later life.

Find the right varifocal lenses for you. Whether you have just developed presbyopia and want support in this milestone in life or have been wearing glasses all your life and want the best eyesight possible, we have the solutions just for you.