Glasses for your phone


Can you get glasses for your phone?

There are a lot of factors to consider if you are thinking about wearing glasses for using your phone.

If you often use digital devices such as your smartphone, and you notice some changes in your vision, you may require glasses. This might include experiencing an increase in eye strain. Similarly, if you suffer from hypermetropia, also known as long-sightedness, you might find it difficult to read your phone screen up close. Age-related long-sightedness, presbyopia, begins to creep in during our early 40s making it difficult for you to see close up objects clearly.

Wearing glasses for your phone can make the simplest of tasks much easier. Your eyes go through a lot every day and sometimes they need added visual support, particularly when it comes to digital screens like your phone.


Your lifestyle no doubt involves the use of digital screens, statistics have found 94% of adults use mobile phones. Smartphones are second nature items, used daily, but they’re something that your eyes are not naturally equipped for. After only 20 minutes of looking at a close-up object, your vision will weaken and you might experience symptoms like eye strain, headaches or blurry vision(1).

Your eyes can get tired when staring at a phone all day

If you use your phone frequently for work or leisure, it can start to have an impact on your vision. Using your phone can be tough on your eyes, as your vision deals with pixelated characters. Your smartphone screen can refresh 60 times a second, meaning your eyes have to refocus each time, that’s a lot of work!

Furthermore, if you suffer from a refractive error such as hypermetropia, you might struggle to focus or to see clearly when it comes to close objects. This can make it increasingly difficult to read texts or scroll through social media.

If you have started to experience presbyopia, you might notice your near vision beginning to deteriorate which can have an impact on how easy it is to read your phone’s screen.

Presbyopia begins to creep in during our early 40s and continues to progress as we age. It is a natural deterioration of the crystalline lens in your eye resulting in your near vision becoming less focused. You may have started or have noticed others holding their phone further away to move it into their distance zone as their eyes struggle to focus on the text close up. It is only a matter of time before the arms are too short to continue this and corrective lenses are required, the sooner the vision is corrected the easier and quicker the adaptation to the new glasses.


There are a number of options available to you if you need glasses for your phone and it mostly depends on your visual needs. However, if you don’t need a prescription and you simply just want to give your eyes a helping hand when looking at your phone screen, we have the perfect solution.

Eyezen lenses are optimised for digital devices, helping you to achieve sharper vision with or without a prescription. The lenses ensure your eyes are able to cope with the pixelated screens much easier, reducing the strain on your vision(2).

Eyezen lenses are made for your screen usage

Eyezen are single vision lenses and can be tailored to suit your needs; for glasses for phones, this would correct hypermetropia or long-sightedness. If you suffer from astigmatism it can be a perfect solution to correct this allowing you to see your phone screen in focus.  

If you need glasses for your phone due to presbyopia, Varilux X series lenses is the ideal solution for a modern lifestyle. These varifocal lenses offer smooth transitions, so you can switch between distances with ease. Varilux X series lenses can make it easy for you to read your phone screen, watch TV or socialise, all with one pair of glasses.

Suffering from light sensitivity can make it difficult to use your Smartphone on a regular basis. Thanks to the hint of a tint that comes with Transitions XTRActive technology, your lenses will support your eyes by attenuating the harshness of modern lighting. You can combine Transitions XTRActive technology into your lens solution.

To complete your glasses for your phone you should consider enhancing your lens solution with a lens coating that reduces reflections. Reflections from light sources, such as your phone screen, can be a source of visual discomfort making you adopt new behaviours such as changing your posture or moving your head, all of which can lead to postural discomfort. By reducing the reflections with Crizal Sapphire UV coating your vision will be purer, more vivid and will even improve the aesthetics of your lenses.


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(2) Eyezen lenses include Eyezen focus/Dualoptim technology to help support visual efforts.