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Your eyes go through a lot every day, especially when at work. Whether you are glued to a computer screen for 8 hours a day, sat in meetings with a team, or driving through the night, your eyes are always working hard to focus on the job at hand. Wearing the right glasses for work can help to support your vision through the day, helping to reduce signs of eye strain or other visual or postural discomforts.

Glasses for work can help your vision no matter what career you have chosen. The right lens solution and prescription can work together to provide visual comfort and a sharper picture so that you can see clearly all day.

Which glasses for work should I choose?

The glasses for work you require can depend entirely on your visual needs. Firstly you need to identify any correction for your vision needed, your optician can help to prescribe the right glasses for work to support your vision.

It is likely that your job includes working with digital screens; so much of our lives is now run by technology. This means you may need glasses for work that are optimised for digital devices. Eyezen is a single vision corrective lens that is primarily designed to reduce or prevent eye strain, ensuring you experience comfortable vision as you work.

What is particularly helpful with Eyezen lenses is that even if you don’t need a prescription lens, you can still benefit from the enhancements within Eyezen lenses. Help to prevent or reduce eyestrain when you’re using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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If you require glasses for work to help you see at variable distances, both far away and close up, then you may need varifocal lenses. Varilux X series lenses can provide a smooth visual experience to help you see across all vision zones, ensuring you can capture any information with ease. You’re busy juggling many tasks at hand and having to move your head to specifically see details can slow you down. Varilux X series lets you see everything within arm’s reach with just a gaze direction, no need to fully move your head to point your nose at the item, multitask to your heart’s content in the knowledge that your varifocal glasses for work are providing sharp, comfortable vision.

If you’re on the road you’ll want glasses designed to help you with blinding glare from the sun. Polarised technology eliminates blinding glare providing you with clear, comfortable vision. Xperio Polarised technology even enhances your colour perception making your drive a much better experience.

Your job can have you on the go and you might have experienced bothersome reflections or suffered from the effects of glare. This can have a negative impact on your vision, which eventually will impact your work. Choose glasses for work that can reduce unwanted distractions by applying a helpful lens coating.

Crizal Sapphire UV can add a protective layer to your glasses for work, repelling dust, smudges, resisting scratches and reducing glare and reflections. This lens coating can ensure you enjoy vivid images and improves lens aesthetics so that you can do your job without distraction.

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How can glasses for work help?

Investing in glasses for work can take the pressure off of your daily needs, giving you one or fewer things to worry about during the day. Whether you are worried you won’t be able to see other meeting participants clearly, or you’re having trouble reading your latest email, glasses for work can offer that additional support.

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Tailored to your needs, wearing glasses for work can deliver comfortable, natural vision in order to reduce any problem with your eyesight. Focus on your job, not your troublesome vision!

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