Glasses for your screens


The impact of screens on your eyes

Wearing glasses for screens can be hugely beneficial in the digitally-driven world we live in. Whether it’s your smartphone, laptop, tablet or TV, looking at a digital screen can have an impact on your vision. Wearing glasses for screens can help your eyes to focus and see clearly without having to overwork themselves.

When you look at a screen, your eyes have to work hard to focus and refocus on the pixels on the screen, especially with smartphone screens that refresh up to 60 times every second leading your eyes to focus and refocus. This happens constantly, even if your vision can’t pick up the individual pixels. If your eyes are doing this for a prolonged period of time, you may experience eye strain. Glasses for screens can be a helpful way to prevent this from happening.


Glasses for screens can help to relieve symptoms of eye strain. If you often find yourself experiencing sore, dry, itchy eyes or often have a headache after using a computer or smartphone, you might benefit from wearing glasses for screens.

Using digital screens frequently can impact your visual and postural behaviour, which in time can lead to muscle strain and an unnatural posture. By wearing glasses that are optimised for digital screens, you can eliminate this occurrence.

Glasses for screens can be designed to suit the distance between your eyes and your screen, making it easier for your vision. Wearing glasses to see your digital screen can also be helpful if you suffer from hypermetropia or presbyopia, whereby you struggle to see objects close up.


By wearing glasses for screens, you can experience high-resolution vision that makes it much easier for your eyes to focus on the screen. This can reduce visual fatigue. Your glasses can help to make it a little easier as your eyes move between variable distances throughout the day.

There are a number of lens types at Essilor that are suitable for use with digital screens. For single vision lens wearers, Eyezen can offer protection for your vision and reduce and prevent the symptoms of eye fatigue. Even if you don’t require a prescription, you can still benefit from the lenses’ features. Delivering sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses, Eyezen lenses are optimised for use with screens.

If you need varifocal lenses for your vision needs and would like a pair of glasses specifically for screens, consider Varilux Digitime. These lenses improve both your visual and postural comfort when using a digital screen and make it much easier to read the small characters often found on a smartphone or tablet.

Glasses for screens are optimised perfectly for digital devices, making it easier for you to see clearly without having to change your natural posture.