Glasses for night driving


Driving is the most important task that requires clear, sharp vision at all times; both for your safety and the safety of others on the road. Driving at night in particular requires good vision, when hazards can be less obvious. Unfortunately, night driving can’t always be avoided, particularly when the clocks change and it becomes darker much earlier in the day. This is why glasses for night driving can be a helpful addition to your daily routine.

There are many different issues with night driving when it comes to your vision. Things like depth perception, ability to distinguish colour and peripheral vision are all worse in low-light conditions. Furthermore, glare off other cars, headlight and streetlights can cause havoc if you wear prescription lenses.

Cars driving at night with flared headlights

Glasses for night driving can help to improve your vision despite these conditions. This usually involves a lens coating in order to enhance the performance of your lenses. Crizal Drive has been specifically designed to aid with night driving, by reducing the number of reflections on your lenses when on the road.

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Feeling more confident with glasses for night driving

Wearing glasses for night driving can increase your confidence on the road, thanks to clear vision. Experience enhanced visual comfort and clarity by having the right pair of glasses for night driving.

It’s important not to wear dark or tinted lenses for driving at night, as this can hinder your vision further. Glasses for night driving are instead clear lenses that will optimise your vision for low-light conditions.

Crizal Drive can be applied to your everyday lenses, offering an optimal pair of glasses for night driving.

Car driving at night with little light glare

How does glasses for night driving work?

Wearing glasses for night driving can ensure your vision is sharper and clearer, allowing you to drive safely. At Essilor, we offer a lens coating that can be applied to your lenses in order to benefit from the features.

Glasses for driving at night work by reducing the number of reflections that occur on your lenses. This result in a clearer image, which is particularly helpful when you’re behind the wheel. The lens coating will also apply smudge-repellent benefits for even more visual clarity.

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