Glasses for fishing


Being able to see clearly when pursuing your favourite sport or hobby is crucial. Wearing glasses for fishing can be particularly helpful in creating visual clarity and comfort. While glasses for fishing could provide additional safety and protection for your eyes, they can also deliver a more comfortable visual experience when out on or near the water.

Whether you need glasses to correct your vision or simply to protect it, there is a perfect pair of glasses for fishing to suit your needs. Fishing glasses can be a helpful aid in seeing far away, up close or even to shield your eyes from the sun on a nice day. Whatever your needs, glasses that are optimised for fishing can help you enjoy your hobby that little bit more.

Why do I need glasses for fishing?

If you often go fishing either for a sport or leisure, you will no doubt have experienced bright light conditions. This can be very uncomfortable even for the most experienced fisherman or woman. Similarly, you may struggle with a refractive error that makes it difficult to see things close up, far away or both.

Man wearing sunglasses fishing on a boat

Whatever your visual needs, glasses maximised for fishing can help to eradicate these problems and provide a more comfortable experience while you’re sitting on the banks waiting for a bite. Have you ever looked out across the water and struggled to see the end of your rod, either because it’s blurry or too bright? There’s a high chance you would benefit from glasses suited for fishing.

Built for performance, glasses for fishing are able to create effortless vision so that you can focus on the job at hand.

Should I wear polarised glasses when fishing?

Polarised glasses for fishing are often a popular choice because of the benefits they can bring to those spending time near water. Light can bounce off a flat surface such as water very easily, creating visible glare. This can make it very difficult to enjoy fishing!

Polarised glasses for fishing are an efficient solution because they are optimised perfectly for reducing blinding glare. Polarised glasses will only allow vertical light through the lens, making sure you don’t see the glare coming off the surface of the water.

Due to the fact that fishing is an outdoor sport, it is also important that your glasses are able to protect your vision from harmful UV light. Polarised glasses will protect your eyes from both UVA and UVB rays, so you can enjoy your favourite sport without worry.

Xperio Polarised lenses can help you to achieve all of this and more, with enhanced colour perception and available in a variety of colours. Just remember some fishing competitions prohibit the use of Polarised lenses due to the benefits that they deliver!

Finding the right fishing glasses for your needs

Of course, you might need glasses because of a refractive error. Those aged over 40 might experience something known as presbyopia, where your close vision begins to deteriorate. If you previously wore glasses to correct your distance vision, you might now need to consider varifocals.

Man wearing sunglasses tying hook on fishing line

Being able to see both close up and far away can be crucial for fishing, however, you might want a pair of sports performance glasses for optimal comfort and design. With that in mind, Varilux SunMax lenses are perfectly optimised for large style and sports sunglasses.

Varilux SunMax varifocals can provide seamless transitions between the different vision zones, providing comfortable, sharp vision. So, if you need prescription sunglasses to help you excel at your sport of choice, it’s important that you choose the right design for your needs.

If you have myopia, hypermetropia and or astigmatism you’ll benefit from single vision lenses. Eyezen single vision lenses are optimised to reduce and prevent eye strain. These lenses are perfect for fishing as your eyes will feel fully charged throughout the day no matter how many times you look closely at the end of your line to put on a hook and tie a knot.

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