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Glasses for sport can be incredibly helpful in a number of different ways. If you require a prescription, wearing your glasses for sport might be a must-have. After all, it’s not much use playing tennis if you can’t see where the ball is! Whether you play a sport for a hobby or professionally, you might want to consider how glasses could make a difference.

Having perfect vision is crucial for playing sport, not only for your performance, but also your safety. Wearing glasses for sport can also increase your confidence and enjoyment of your chosen sport.

Thanks to advanced technology and a better range of lens solutions, you can now invest in a pair of glasses that are optimally designed for sporting environments. This includes outdoors, where sports are frequently played.

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If you’ve noticed your vision has changed, or you have just started playing a sport and need better visual support, our range of glasses for sport can meet your needs.

Do you need glasses for sport?

If you play sport it may be likely that you follow a busy, active lifestyle. Your glasses should support this, allowing you to play sport or run your errands without discomfort or disruption.

If you already wear glasses for a refractive error such as hypermetropia or even presbyopia, it’s worth making sure that your lenses will support you in your chosen activity. If you don’t wear glasses, but you find it difficult to focus or see clearly when playing sport, you should consider going for an eye examination to check your vision.

Your optician can also take into consideration your lifestyle and help to dispense the correct type of lens for your specific needs.

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What glasses should I wear for sport?

We have a number of glasses for sport that can support an active lifestyle. If you often play outside, it’s crucial that your glasses offer UV protection. Even if it’s cloudy, UV rays can still reach your eyes and prolonged exposure can cause damage. This can include increased risk of eye disease. If you’re wearing glasses for sport, consider a pair that protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Similarly, playing sport outdoors can mean you often experience glare; especially if you are playing on or near water. Eliminate glare by choosing the right glasses for your chosen sport. Xperio Polarised lenses can help to reduce glare by only letting vertical light through the lens. Resulting in better visual comfort, these glasses for sport are perfect if you often go fishing or take part in watersports.

Xperio Polarised lenses can also improve your colour perception, offering better vision and identification of colours which can be very helpful when trying to identify other players or the ball in bright light conditions.

Three men wearing sunglasses playing golf

If being able to see different distances causes you problems, you might require varifocal glasses for sport. Varilux X series can provide sharp, comfortable vision when looking near, far or in between. Wearing varifocal glasses for sport can enhance you vision, and are easy to adapt to. If you need to see players at the other end of the field, as well as your opponent stood close to you, varifocal glasses for sport are an ideal solution.

Your sport of choice might take you in between changing light conditions; for instance, if the sun keeps coming out and going in. In the past, you might have foregone your glasses and just squinted when the sun came out,  or felt as though you had to constantly change your glasses.

Now, Transitions can make it much easier for you to play sport in changing light conditions. Transitions lenses will automatically adapt to the light so you don’t need to. Only allowing the optimal amount of light to reach your eyes, you can enjoy your sport with enhanced vision.

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