Glasses for reading


What are glasses for reading?

Glasses for reading are a popular solution for a common condition known as presbyopia. Once you reach around the age of 40, your close-up vision can naturally begin to deteriorate, which may create a need to wear glasses for reading. This is because close-up activities, such as reading the newspaper or other documents can become more of a challenge.

If you need glasses for reading, there are two popular lenses that could help. Your first option is to invest in a pair of single vision lenses. This is often the solution if you are long-sighted, which is also known as hyperopia. In cases like this, you are able to see distant objects clearly, but closer objects are usually out of focus. 

However, it is more probable that you will need a pair of varifocal lenses. If you need to wear glasses for reading, but also to see into the distance, then varifocal lenses can ensure sharp vision across all vision zones.

Wear varifocal reading glasses to correct presbyopia


If you notice that reading newspapers, books or your phone screen has become more difficult, it’s probable that you need glasses for reading. It’s important that you get in touch with your local optician to schedule an eye examination, as they will be able to check your vision and dispense the correct lenses for your needs.

Similarly, if you have trouble seeing in dimly lit conditions, such as struggling to read a restaurant menu, reading glasses could help. You could also require glasses for reading if you often find yourself experiencing tired eyes when reading. This is because your eyes are working harder than usual to see.


Glasses for reading can make your life much easier, both at work and at home. It is important to have your reading glasses tailored to your specific vision needs; no two people’s eyes are the same. If you fail to wear the correct prescription, or don’t wear your lenses when you need them, you may experience headaches and eye strain. This is common with ready-readers and you may have to move your glasses to see text clearly.

Ready reader glasses may lead to headaches and eye strain

Glasses for reading can ensure clearer vision when trying to see small print on your smartphone, or close-up documents. By investing in the right pair, you can enhance your vision and enjoy a comfortable visual experience. Varifocal lenses can be particularly helpful for reading if you suffer from presbyopia, because they offer sharp vision for near, far and in between vision zones. 

Our reading glasses can be modified to suit your reading behaviour, vision needs and even choice of frame. Making them easy-to-wear, glasses for reading from Essilor feature a large reading area within the lens to capture all close-up information clearly. For all-round comfortable vision, enjoy a seamless transition between the different vision zones.

So, whether you’re reading for leisure or work, do it effortlessly with a pair of reading glasses from Essilor.