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Whether you need glasses for driving, sports or DIY there's a visual solution for you.


We all lead different lifestyles whether it’s the job we do, the hobbies we take part in or anything else that makes us the individuals we are. Our differences in lifestyles mean we all need supporting differently, especially when it comes to our glasses.

We have a wide range of lens solutions that will not only correct your eyesight but will also ensure you have the most comfortable vision and the clearest sight. Whether you’re on the football pitch and want scratch-resistant lenses, fishing by the lake and want to eliminate blinding reflections from the water or have to drive a lot at night and want to be able to as confident and safe on the road.

There’s a corrective lens design made for your lifestyle to ensure you see clearly, a lens technology that protects your eyes from harmful light as well as providing comfortable vision and a lens enhancement that makes your lenses stay clean and clear all day, every day.

Getting the most from your lenses can help you achieve your greatest potential whether you’re on the track or the virtual track. Being comfortable and seeing clearly can make it easier for you to complete your activities efficiently as well as letting you enjoy the better things in life. 

Click on an activity above and discover what impact it can have on your eyesight, eye health and comfort as well as the best lens solutions to support your lifestyle.