What happens
at the opticians?

The best way to maintain healthy eyes is to regularly visit an optician.
Your optician will carry out a number of different reading and distance tests to detect errors and measure the health and efficiency of your eyes. Visiting your optician is nothing to be nervous about - it is very quick and simple.


How do
lenses work?

Learn more about how lenses work to correct your vision, and can be suited to your lifestyle.

Eye Care

Protect your health. Check your eyes

An eye examination is a vital health check. It can discover and prevent conditions that could harm your vision - and only takes around half an hour. 

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Eye Care

Before Going To The Optician

  • 1


    Always see a certified and registered optician. 
    Most display their up-to-date registration certificate at their premises.
  • 2


    Let your optician know
    about any concerns.
     It’s their job to look after your optical health, so they’ll be happy to answer all your questions.
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    First time? Don't worry! 
    Opticians are professionals - and people. They’ll give you all the advice you need.

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