how to choose
your frames

Choosing the right frames is an important decision to make. 
If you need to wear glasses every day, then they will become an extension of your personality so it is important that they compliment your personal style, that you feel comfortable, confident and that they fulfill practical needs. There are lots of different styles, shapes and colours that your optician will be happy to advise you on.

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How to
choose a frame

Read our top tips on what to consider when choosing your frames.

All About Vision

How do lenses work?

A lens is made up of different components. Each plays a different role in how your glasses perform. 

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Before Going To The Optician

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    Always see a certified and registered optician. 
    Most display their up-to-date registration certificate at their premises.
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    Let your optician know
    about any concerns.
     It’s their job to look after your optical health, so they’ll be happy to answer all your questions.
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    First time? Don't worry! 
    Opticians are professionals - and people. They’ll give you all the advice you need.

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