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Essilor Expert opticians combine eye care expertise with the latest Essilor lens technology. Get lenses personalised to your every need with an Essilor Expert optician who has invested in the latest optical lens measuring devices. Demand the best for your eyes from your local Essilor Expert.

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Varilux varifocals give sharp focus from near to far. There’s a Varilux lens for all lifestyle needs whether you’re looking for a pair to assist you with your multitasking lifestyle, computer enhanced lenses or driving specific glasses. When paired with Transitions, your Varilux varifocal lenses will adapt to changing light. Clear indoors, and tinted when outdoors for comfortable vision no matter the conditions.

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Get a different frame style or glasses specific for work or driving. Varilux lenses are available as clear lenses, with Transitions light intelligent technology and Xperio prescription sunglasses lenses. Search for your local optician using our optician finder.

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Varilux varifocal lenses correct presbyopia allowing you to see near, far and intermediate distances with ease.


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Transitions photochromic lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions for optimal visual comfort and style. Additionally they help protect against harmful UV and Blue-Violet light indoors and outdoors.

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