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1st February - 25th November 2021


Great offers on Essilor lenses

Are you looking for a great deal on Essilor lenses? We’ve partnered with a wide range of local opticians to bring you the best deal on your next pairs of glasses.* Essilor lenses cover all ages, lifestyles and needs, from Varilux varifocal lenses to Eyezen single vision lenses. 


Get a pair for every look

So many styles and colours to choose from, picking one frame can be hard work but why limit yourself to just one pair? With our latest deals, you can get different pairs of glasses for all of your looks. Glasses can emphasise your look and style, which is why it’s so important to be happy with the ones you choose. Think of the occasions you’ll be wearing your glasses. Get a classic shape with a traditional pattern for the days in the office and opt for a colourful frame with flourishing cut-outs when adding a finishing flair to your favourite outfit. Use our latest frame style guide to find the best frames to match your face shape, hair colour and more. 

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Woman standing at a lectern wearing Varilux varifocals


Glasses for every walk of life

Looking for a pair of prescription sunglasses or want a pair of glasses specific for your job or hobby? Our Varilux Digitime lenses are perfect for working on screens. Or combine your corrective lens design with Xperio Polarised technology to make your sunglasses eliminate blinding glare for visual comfort when you’re in the sun. Get a lens enhancement, such as Crizal Drive to make your lenses into driving glasses. By taking advantage of our latest lens offers, you can get them all.  

Man wearing Xperio Polarised prescription sunglasses


What Essilor lenses are included?

If you're looking for a deal on single vision lenses then our Eyezen single vision lenses are perfect for those who are looking for lenses that have been optimised for a modern lifestyle by reducing and preventing eye fatigue. If you’re starting to notice difficulties reading close-up text or you currently wear varifocal lenses then look no further than the number one recommended varifocal lenses.** Our range of Varilux varifocal lenses help correct your near-vision with complete visual comfort and are part of our latest lens deals. Get deals on our Varilux and Eyezen lenses that are combined with a Crizal lens enhancement. You can also combine your corrective lens design, Varilux or Eyezen, with a Transitions technology as well as a Crizal lens enhancement to create the ultimate visual solution.

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Where can I get offers on Essilor lenses?

Special offers are available at partnered local opticians. Use our optician finder and filter for Lens Offers to find participating opticians. Book an appointment and talk to your optician to find out the full terms and conditions.

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