Correct your vision

Varilux Liberty 3.0

All-in-one lens; resulting in uniform sharp vision


Smooth transitions

between the different zones

Easy to wear varifocals

Adapt quickly to your new glasses

Large reading area

Capture all close up information clearly


Reduced image distortions across all vision zones

Keep on enjoying your daily life

  • Reliable lenses for your glasses
  • Sharp vision, even when you move through different vision zones
  • Harmonious vision

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Stay looking youthful

Like all Varilux® lenses, Varilux® Liberty lenses are invisible from the outside (as compared to bifocal lenses). Your lenses are perfectly thin, light and transparent and can fit any type of frame. You will stay looking youthful, with lenses that keep up with the things that you love to do most.

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Wide near vision zone

Thanks to a recent update, Varilux Liberty 3.0 lenses offers wearers a wider and more effective near vision zone than previous versions; this means you’ll be able to see more of your page when reading. 

Man wearing Varilux Liberty 3.0 glasses sat with family looking at tablet screen

We're committed to testing the benefits

We conduct systematic wearer tests to guarantee proof of benefits


varifocal brand recommended by eye care professionals


satisfied with the quality of vision with Varilux


more highly satisfied wearers with Varilux

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*Varilux, #1 progressive lens brand worldwide. Euromonitor, 2018 data; Retail value amongst spectacle lenses' category, brands representing progressive lenses.

**96% of wearers are satisfied with the quality of vision their Varilux® lenses give them – global studies conducted between 2009 and 2017 on 1903 wearers (n=18 studies).

***X2 more highly satisfied wearers with Varilux - Brand tracking – MSW – 19 countries – 2016 – 3750 PAL wearers – Highly satisfied wearers for Varilux® lenses vs. other progressive lenses in the market.