Protect your vision

Transitions Style Colours

Transitions Style Colours lenses feature four new vibrant fashions colours allowing you to create the perfect combination of frame and lenses


Choose your style

4 different fashion colours to express your style

Advanced protection

Provides protection against harmful light(1), whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Improved visual comfort

The lenses adapt to light so your eyes don't have to

A unique look

The ideal lenses for the fashion-conscious. Amber is conveying a special style twist: vintage with fashion. It’s great in a lot of colour combinations, such as a light tortoiseshell. Amethyst coordinates either with warm or cold hue frames. The contrast will be striking with a purple, lilac or pink frame. Emerald is the most versatile option. Any frame in light brown tones will be enhanced with the fresh touch of colour. Sapphire with it’s cold hue looks great with a blue acetate or metal frame. It brings a cool factor and exciting twist.

Choose your colour

Transitions Style Colours Amber in cats eye frame
Transitions Style Colours Amethyst in white frame
Transitions Style Colours Emerald in red frame
Transitions Style Colours Sapphire in blue tortoiseshell frame
Down to earth

Pair a laid back attitude with style – pull inspiration from the great outdoors with textures, colours and patterns to create a  nature inspired look in the best way possible. Transitions Style Colours Emerald lenses pull cues from nature and pair well with frames featuring earthy tones.

Transitions Style Colours Emerald
No prescription? You can still benefit

If you do not require a prescription, you can still take advantage of Transitions Light intelligent lenses. Transitions Style Colours will change your fashion game, make the stylish match with those frames you have always wanted and complete your new look.

Transitions Style Colours Amethyst

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(1)Harmful light = UV and Blue violet light