Protect your vision

Xperio Polarised

Optimal visual comfort, enhanced colour perception, heightened style


Enhances colour perception

See colours more vividly


Available in a range of colours

Eliminates blinding glare

Ultimate vision when in the sunshine

UV protection

Protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays

Improves reaction time

Safer vision on the road

Enhanced vision in the sun

  • Eliminates harsh, blinding glare
  • Improved colour perception
  • UV protection(1)
  • Improves contrast
  • Improves driving reaction times(2)
  • Range of colours for all styles
  • Available with a mirror finish


Moments in the sun are worth cherishing

Family on a beach wearing sunglasses

Prescription sun lenses help you see every moment with excellent vision clarity—all while protecting your eyes and expressing your personal style.



Waves of light travel in many directions. When light waves reflect off of horizontal surfaces; such as roads, water or ice, they often become concentrated horizontally. This is known as visible glare, which can be uncomfortable for our eyes. Xperio Polarised technology allows only vertical light through the lens and therefore eliminate blinding glare for optimal visual comfort and enhanced colour perception.

Diagram of how a polarised lens work filtering light to just horizontal rays



Driving is an essential mode of transport for most of us. Xperio Polarised technology enhances daytime driving experience by eliminating blinding glare produced by reflections on wet road surfaces, dashboards and other cars, allowing you to better anticipate changes and hazards on the road by improving driving reaction times.(2) Take our quiz, in partnership with the FIA, to find out how you can improve your vision when on the road.

Man wearing polarised lenses driving



Xperio Polarised technology offers the highest level of UV protection within our lens technology range.(1) This makes Xperio Polarised technology perfect for anyone with light sensitive eyes, for elderly people who have had ocular surgery or anyone looking for comfortable vision when in the sun.

With Xperio Polarised your lens solution offers the very best UV protection. Lady wearing Essilor lenses out running.



With Xperio Polarised, your lens solution can enhance your visual experience when playing water sports and winter sports. Glare from the sun reflected off of surfaces of water, snow and ice are eliminated. Continue doing what you love to do without the inconvenience of blinding glare.

Man paddleboarding wearing polarised sunglasses



Whether you’re looking for a sunglasses for driving, sports, as a fashion accessory or because you’re sensitive to light, Xperio polarised technology brings together style and function, so you can pair your favourite sunglasses frame with your sun lenses. Increase your style while decreasing light exposure with a mirror finish. Even in the brightest environments, your polarised mirrored lenses will reflect the sun’s rays back, reduce glare and protect from harmful UV rays.

Woman stood on a boat wearing polarised mirror sunglasses


We're committed to testing the benefits

We conduct systematic wearer tests to guarantee proof of benefits


improvement of contrast sensitivity


reaction times when driving


visual acuity

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(1) When combined with Crizal Sun UV

(2) Survey conducted on 27 wearers, comparing visual performance with polarized and non-polarised sunglasses under reflected glare by measuring contrast sensitivity – Saint-Maur R&D.

75% Improvement of contrast sensitivity: Survey contrast sensitivity and reaction times with polarised and tinted lenses in simulated driving daylight conditions – Institute for Vision research, Manhattan Vision Associates program #5331 – association for research in vision and ophthalmology 2009.

Improved visual acuity and reaction times when driving: Survey conducted on 27 wearers, comparing visual performance with polarised and non-polarised sunglasses under reflected glare by measuring contrast sensitivity – Saint-Maur R&D.