Protect your vision

E-Mirror UV

Make a statement in mirrored sunglasses



Available in a range of colours

Comfortable vision

Reduces glare


Your lenses will reflect UVA and UVB light

Easy to clean

Easy to clean lenses ensuring clear vision

Fashion and function, no compromise

  • Wide range of colours
  • Compatible with Xperio Polarised and Essicolour tints
  • Reduces glare, ideal for bright conditions
  • UV protection
  • Easy to clean sunglasses
  • Comfortable vision



Protect your vision in style with a pair of mirrored sunglasses, combining performance and fashion in one design.

E-Mirror UV lenses are available in a range of colours to suit your personal style, allowing you to make a statement both in style and performance. Choose from one of seven colours, including; Bronze, Candy, Forest Green, Ocean Blue, Orange, Silver and Violet.

Turn your sunglasses into a fashion accessory, as well as a protective solution for your vision

Match your frame with one of seven mirrored colours.

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Enhance your sunglasses

Increase your style while decreasing light exposure thanks to E-Mirror UV sunglasses. Enhance your lenses with a mirror finish and benefit from a stylish and protective lens solution. Your mirrored lenses are able to reflect the sun’s rays even in the brightest environments, reducing glare and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Delivering a comfortable solution to suit your lifestyle, experience optimal vision when out in the sun. E-Mirror UV lenses are also easy to clean, so you’ll never have to battle with unclear vision again.

Man wearing E-Mirror UV lenses stood on a boat


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We conduct systematic wearer tests to guarantee proof of benefits

14,185 people

tested and rated Essilor lenses in real life conditions

18,981 people

tested Essilor spectacle lenses

312 studies

on Essilor lenses conducted with consumers

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