Correct your vision

Eyezen® Kids

Optimised single vision lenses for 6-12 years old. Designed for how they see the world.


Relax & protect

Relax & protect children's eyes, including in front of the screens.

Optimal vision

Optimal vision in all gaze directions.

More comfortable

More comfortable vision for all daily activities.

Why Eyezen® kids

Vision plays a key role in children’s development and growth.

As a parent, it's important to carefully nurture and promote healthy vision during your children’s school years, especially as their visual system is still developing. And it can be tricky in an increasingly connected world.


Constantly changing habits & lifestyles

Smartphones, laptops, tablets… Children are more and more surrounded by digital devices, at home as well as in the academic environment. Today, teachers often use smart boards and interactive whiteboards, while at home children are frequently expected to do their homework on computers.

Additionally, the current situation has intensified the use of electronic devices; as outdoor activities have been replaced by more and more time spent in front of screens, and virtual education has become a new reality in many schools around the world.

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Child using computer wearing glasses


Finding the right lens solution

For children with myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism sight problems, this increased exposure to screens can be particularly harmful to their eyes. As a result, poor vision can impede their quality of life, lead to learning difficulties and cause them to fall short of their potential. 

But with the right lens solution, adapted to their specific needs and modern lifestyle, they can continue to discover, learn something new every day and become the best version of themselves, all while enjoying every magical moment of their childhood.

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Designed for young spectacle wearers

The new Eyezen® Kids lenses are designed for young spectacle wearers between the ages of 6 and 12. This all-in-one solution was tested in real-life conditions and offers them better visual comfort and protection*.


Eyezen Kids: their most comfortable lens*

Why do children need a specific single vision lens solution?

Children don’t have the same visual needs as adults. Their visual system isn’t fully mature. They tend to move their eyes a lot more and often look up at the world around them, using a larger surface of the lens. 

They need lenses adapted to their unique needs, behaviours, facial features and daily activities - including screen-time - and this is not the case with standard single vision lenses which were designed for adults. 

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Taking into account 3 children’s parameters

1. Head and face morphology
  • Children have different facial features to adults. Eyezen® Kids design takes children’s morphology into account to create a lens that is very well suited to their facial structure.
2. Object distance
  • Children’s arms are shorter so they see objects from a closer distance than adults. The whole lens is optimized to allow viewing objects at different distances, providing effortless vision in any kind of daily activity.
3. Gaze directions
  • The visual area is 60% wider than that of a standard single vision lens, thus providing a better correction.
Eyezen kids lens benefits diagram


Additional tips to relax and protect children’s vision

tips to relax and protect children's vision

To know more about Eyezen® Kids lenses, do not hesitate to contact your eye care professional. To find an Essilor partner optician near your home, check out our optician finder.

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*Eyezen® Kids in-Life consumer study - 2019 - US (n=58) - 3rd independent party - Children have a better level of visual comfort when playing/doing activities indoors with Eyezen Kids compared with their current single vision lenses.

**Eyezen® Kids lenses in-Life consumer study - 2019 - US (n=58) 3rd Independent party - Children have a better level of visual comfort when playing/doing activities indoors with Eyezen® Kids lenses compared with their current single vision lenses.