Correct your vision

Eyezen Boost

Reduces and prevents eyestrain


Reduces and prevents eyestrain

Comfortable vision throughout the day

Improves posture

Look through any part of the lens to see clearly

Sharp vision

High resolution vision across the whole lens

Optimised for digital devices

Supports visual efforts when using digital devices

Enhanced single vision lenses

  • Sharp vision
  • Comfortable vision
  • Designed for modern life
  • Optimised for digital screens
  • Reduces and prevents eyestrain

Looking at a screen all day can lead to eye fatigue


Eyezen lenses help prevent eye fatigue


Prolonged screen use can lead to eye fatigue

Use the slider above to see the affects of prolonged screen use


Our eyes are not naturally fit for the digital age: after only 20 minutes of looking at objects nearby(1), our visual ability weakens and we can experience eyestrain, headaches, blurriness and neck pains. (2) Whether you spend 3 hours or up to 12 hours per day on devices, your digital life has an impact on your vision(3).

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Digital devices are shaping the way we live. They allow us to learn, work, play, socialise and even more! This connected life creates new visual and behavioural standards and we need lenses to support us. Using screens can be hard on your eyes as they have to switch from variable distances and read pixelated characters. Smartphone screens can even refresh 60 times a second and your eyes constantly have to refocus each time. Eyezen is a single vision corrective lens design. It delivers sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses and helps prevent and reduce eyestrain. Eyezen lenses can correct myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism, even if you don’t have a prescription you can still benefit from Eyezen lenses for your daily digital screen usage.

To access our Eyezen Boost range of enhanced single vision lenses, or to find out more, get in touch with your eye care provider. Find your local Essilor partner optician today, with our handy optician finder.

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This could be a sign of eye fatigue. If you work on a computer or look at your phone throughout the day for a prolonged time you could be overworking your eyes which can lead to strained eyes. But what can you do to prevent or reduce eye fatigue? We have just the thing. Click here to find out how.

If you are struggling with eye fatigue and would like further advice from an eye care professional, reach out to your local Essilor partner optician today.

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Light is fundamental to our sight and overall well-being. It allows us to see shapes, details and colours as well as regulating our sleep/wake cycle. Different waves lengths of light can also cause premature eye ageing, such as Ultraviolet and Blue-Violet light(4). Eye Protect System is a unique filtering system that can be embedded into Eyezen lenses to create Blue-Violet light filtering glasses. Find out more here.

To access our Eye Protect System and to have this included into your lens solution, speak with your local Essilor optician.

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Eyezen lenses are specifically designed to meet today’s visual requirements. Thanks to its enhanced design, these single vision lenses can support you when you’re working, socialising or gaming on your phone, computer or games console. Continue to do what you enjoy with sharp, comfortable vision(1).

Upgrade your single vision lenses today. Get them through one of our partnered opticians.

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Eyezen lenses are available with AVA™ technology, a breakthrough in optics that can unlock your eyesight to its full potential. Your new lenses will be manufactured to 0.01D instead of the industry standard of 0.25D. Learn more.

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Eyezen ava lens


If you do not require a prescription, you can still take advantage of Eyezen. Keep your focus(1) with Eyezen by preventing and reducing eyestrain when using digital devices. Wearing Eyezen lenses also means you get to wear those cool frames you've always wanted.

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Eyezen lenses are the result of rigorous wearer tests and innovative technology optimised for modern life.


A complete range of single vision lenses optimised for your everyday needs. Eyezen lenses are enhanced to meet today’s visual requirements and have been adapted to help support visual efforts when using digital devices.



Your prescription is just the start! Your Eyezen lenses can be modified to include the physiological shape of your eye.

This is made possible by a unique measurement process developed by Essilor. 

Available through a wide range of opticians across the nation. Find your local Essilor optician, for more information.

Measuring for eyecode personalisation


This level of personalisation will make sure that your Eyezen lenses are made for more than just your prescription and also for your unique visual needs and requirements to ensure that you have the best eyesight correction. See all the fine details in life with personalised Eyezen lenses.

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We're committed to testing the benefits

We conduct systematic wearer tests to guarantee proof of benefits


wearers satisfied with their visual comfort when looking at a digital screen


wearers experience comfortable vision when using a smartphone


wearers said their ability to read small fonts improved

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(1) Eyezen 0.4 lenses help reduce eyestrain by compensating accommodative power drop during at least 20 minutes of near work. Chi & Lin (1998), a comparison of seven visual fatigue assessment techniques in three data acquisition task. Human Factors, 40 (4), 577-590.

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(3) Paillé, D., Impact of new digital technologies on posture, Points de Vue,International Review of Ophthalmic Optics, N72, Autumn 2015

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*91% wearers were satisfied with their visual comfort when looking at a digital screen. 91% wearers experience comfortable vision when using a smartphone. 95% wearers said their ability to read small fonts improved. -  B. de Larrard, The new range of Eyezen™ lenses: what are the benefits perceived by wearers during screen use?, Points de Vue, International Review of Ophthalmic Optics, N72, Autumn 2015.