Protect your eye health

Eye Protect System

Aesthetically clear, harmful light* protection


Blue-Violet light protection

Partial Blue-Violet filtration to support retinal cell survival

Contributes to overall eye health

Reduces risk factors associated with harmful light*

Aesthetically clear

Lenses remain clear looking through them and at them

UV protection

Protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays

Everyday lens innovation

  • Protects your eyes from UV light
  • Protects your eyes from Blue-Violet light
  • Aesthetically clear
  • No residual tint
  • No blue reflections on lenses
  • Contributes to overall eye health


All about light

Light is fundamental for our vision and overall well-being. Light allows us to see colours, shapes and details and regulates our cognitive performance, mood and sleep/wake cycle. Parts of the light spectrum can also be the cause of premature eye ageing. The impact from UV rays accumulate overtime and can result in the development of cataracts. Blue-Violet light is present everywhere, mainly from the sun and, in smaller amounts, from LED lighting and is one factor recently identified that can cause damage to retinal cells. By reducing Blue-Violet light exposure can support retinal cell survival.

Hands cupping sunshine

Embedded innovation


Unique filtration system

Eye Protect System is the first embedded filtration system that will provides protection against harmful light in an aesthetically clear lens. The lens will filter UV and partial Blue-Violet light without a residual tint or hue on the lens so images are clear and your lenses look clear to others.

Diagram of blue and uv light

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We conduct systematic wearer tests to guarantee proof of benefits.

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tested and rated Essilor lenses in real life conditions

18,981 people

tested Essilor spectacle lenses

312 studies

on Essilor lenses conducted with consumers

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* Harmful light = UV and blue-violet light

**Harmful Blue light: up to 455nm with the greatest toxicity between 415-455nm

***Orma 1.5 does not absorb 100% UV light.

**** McCarty CA, Taylor HR. A review of the epidemiologic evidence linking ultraviolet radiation and cataracts. Dev Ophthalmol. 2002; 35:21-31. Sunlight and the 10-year incidence of age-related maculopathy: The Beaver Dam Eye Study. Arch. Ophthalmol., 122, 750-757. New discoveries and therapies in retinal phototoxicity, Serge Picaud et Emilie Arnault, Points de Vue N°68, Spring 2013.