Enhance clarity

Crizal Prevencia

Crizal Prevencia selectively filters harmful Blue-Violet light and provide optimal UV protection.



Protects your eyes from harmful Blue-Violet light (1)

Dust repellent

Repels dust particles for clearer vision and easy to clean lenses

Smudge resistant

Repels bothersome smudges for visual clarity and easy to clean lenses

Scratch resistant

Ensuring clear vision, guaranteed for 2 years (2)

UV protection

Protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays

Water repellent

Repels water droplets so your lenses stay clear


Most of the visible light spectrum is essential for our vision and overall well-being. However, the part of the light spectrum made up of UV and blue-violet light can be the cause of premature eye ageing.

Crizal Prevencia provides protection against harmful light(3) whilst preserving your overall well-being.



Outdoors, whatever the weather, you are exposed to UV rays and Blue-Violet light. Indoors, wherever the place, Blue-Violet light can be present too. The amount of Blue-Violet light emitted from the low energy lighting, LED bulbs in particular, is a significantly lower volume than that emitted from natural sunlight.

Protection is recommended all day long, all year long.

Crizal Prevencia technical image of light passing through the lens

Blue-Violet light has been identified as the most harmful light to the outer retina and over time is one contributing factor of AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration).(4)

Crizal Prevencia selectively filters Blue-Violet light reducing exposure, supporting retinal cell survival and allows essential visible light to pass through, preserving your overall well-being.


Enhanced in every way.

Crizal Prevencia UV  ensures your spectacle lenses are resistant and repellent from scratches, smudges, water droplets and dust particles. Meaning - your lenses are incredibly protected. Which comes in handy when facing everyday activities. 

Crizal protects your lenses from the enemy of vision.


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14,185 people

tested and rated Essilor lenses in real life conditions

18,981 people

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312 studies

on Essilor lenses conducted with consumers

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(1)Crizal Prevencia blocks 20% of the harmful Blue-Violet light, reducing retinal cell death by 25%. The Blue-Violet light cut may slightly differ depending on lens material. In vitro experiments conducted by Essilor and Paris Vision Institute,
Retinal Pigment Epithelium cells were exposed to Blue-Violet light, reproducing the physiological exposure to sunlight of the 40-year-old human eye.
(2) Crizal scratch guarantee, terms and conditions apply
(3) Harmful light = UV and blue-violet light
(4) The outer retina is composed of retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells plus the outer segments of visual photoreceptors. RPE is critical to the functioning, survival and constant renewal of photoreceptors
Sunlight and the 10-year incidence of age-related maculopathy: The Beaver Dam Eye Study. Arch. Ophthalmol., 122, 750-757.
New discoveries and therapies in retinal phototoxicity, Serge Picaud et Emilie Arnault, Points de Vue N°68, Spring 2013.