Enhance clarity

Crizal Forte UV

An all round lens enhancement that protects your eyes from UV.


UV protection

Your lenses will reflect 100% UV and UVB light (1)

Water repellent

Your lenses will repel water droplets so your lenses stay clear

Dust repellent

Your lenses repel dust particles for clearer vision and easier cleaning of your lenses

Scratch resistance

Ensuring clear vision, guaranteed for 2 years (2)

Smudge repellent

Your lenses repel bothersome smudges for visual clarity and easy to clean lenses

Clean and clear lenses

  • Protects your eyes from UV light
  • Easy to clean lenses
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Clarity of vision


Enhance your lenses

Crizal Forte UV is an all around lens enhancement to keep your lenses clean and clear. You’ll experience optimal vision thanks to less reflections, scratch resistance and water, smudge and dust repellence enhancements.  Perfect for whatever your day throws at you.

Man stood in the rain wearing a yellow coat and glasses


UV protection

Protecting your eyes from UV rays is just as important as protecting your skin. Crizal Forte UV blocks UV rays from passing through your lens and also prevents UV rays from reflecting off of the back of your lenses that could enter your eye. Thanks to this technology your lenses will protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays with an E-SPF rating of 35.(1)

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We're committed to testing the benefits

We conduct systematic wearer tests to guarantee proof of benefits

14,185 people

tested and rated Essilor lenses in real life conditions

18,981 people

tested Essilor spectacle lenses

312 studies

on Essilor lenses conducted with consumers


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(1) The E-SPF index depends on the lens material itself and the coating. E-SPF is a global index rating the overall UV protection of a lens. E-SPF was developed by Essilor International and endorsed by 3rd party experts. Lens performance only.
The E-SPF index excludes direct eye exposure that depends on external factors (wearer’s morphology, frame shape, position of wear). E-SPF=10 for Crizal Forte UV lenses with Essilor Orma 1.5. 

(2) Crizal scratch guarantee, terms and conditions apply