What causes glare?

Glare caused by reflective sunlight can cause discomfort, and in some cases, can even be dangerous. It’s important to protect your vision from harsh, blinding glare by wearing the right lenses. Glare is caused by light reflecting off of horizontal surfaces, such as roads, bodies of water, ice or snow. The light becomes concentrated horizontally, which can be very uncomfortable for your eyes.

Diagram of how a polarised lens work filtering light to just horizontal rays

Wearing polarised lenses is an incredibly helpful solution to combating glare. Polarised lenses have a unique filter that will block out intense glare from reflected light. The filter only allows vertical light through, blocking horizontal light, resulting in optimal visual comfort and protection for your eyes. Our polarised lenses offer the highest level of UV protection within our range(1). UV protection is essential in maintaining healthy vision, and reducing the risk of conditions, like cataracts, which have been linked to overexposure to UV.

Are polarised lenses better for you?

Polarised lenses offer enhanced colour perception, improved visual comfort and optimal UV protection. They make it much easier to see in bright light conditions. Regular sunglasses can provide sufficient UV protection, but they won’t diminish glare.

It is crucial to protect your eyes from harmful UV light. The most effective way to do this is to wear the right lenses, or to avoid direct sunlight altogether where possible. You can combine polarised lenses with your corrective lens design in order to experience safer, clearer vision.

Woman wearing polarised lenses on a bicycle with a sunset in the background

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Do you need polarised lenses?

Polarised lenses are best suited to those who spend a lot of time outdoors. If you take part in activities such as fishing, water sports or driving, you are likely to experience a lot of glare.

Offering vision protection as you pursue your hobbies and when you’re driving, polarised lenses are particularly beneficial. Roads, other cars, puddles and even your dashboard can create glare, which can be very distracting when driving. Polarised lenses can help make your driving experience much safer.

Those who enjoy water sports, or snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding, will also find polarised lenses a convenient solution. This is because glare can be caused by water and snow, making it difficult to see clearly. Wearing polarised lenses for these activities can enhance your vision, creating a more enjoyable experience.

Couple walking on the beach

The high UV protection found in polarised lenses may also benefit those who suffer from light sensitivity, those who are recovering from ocular surgery or those who have sensitive eyes.

Do polarised lenses really make a difference?

Have you ever worn sunglasses only to still find yourself squinting? This is because sunglasses are designed to reduce brightness, not blinding glare. Glare can cause eye strain or fatigue, and it can also be strong enough to block your vision. Glare can vary from mild discomfort to blinding, and it can be worse with age or if you have lighter coloured eyes.

Polarised lenses are designed specifically to reduce this experience. You can also pair your polarised lenses with an anti-reflective coating for further protection.

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(1) When your polarised lens solution includes Crizal.