There is no real innovation other than the one you perceive and approve.



Our innovation process, inspired by and for your life.

They may look similar but not all lenses are created equal. Essilor lenses are systematically developed, tested and validated by people like you*. Because we only want to create innovations that are relevant to you, Essilor®’s commitment to
innovation is built around you. It’s your approbation that validates our innovations.


Inspired by your life

80% of the information you receive comes through your eyes and 40% of your brain activity is dedicated to vision. That’s why high-quality lenses are so important and why Essilor constantly strives to address all the complex facets of vision.

Because you don’t live in a lab, Essilor works together with people to examine their vision habits and to test our products in their real life situations. At our HouseLab™and CarLab™ we run a wide range of tests to observe and record how you walk, drive, even cook and interact with screens in everyday real-life situations.

Mother wearing glasses powered by Essilor lenses cuddling her daughter

Created with advanced technologies

Our researchers collect your physiological biometrical and behavioural data; drawing specifications that are compliant with the visual and postural needs of each person. It is done in a multi-sensory way through digital techniques such as 3D virtual reality and simulations.

woman wearing sailing gear and xperio sun lenses on the water

We want you to forget us

Before launching our lenses’ latest innovation, wearer tests are conducted to ensure that their performance is well perceived by you, your needs and lifestyles. Because the only proof of benefit to the wearer comes from the wearer itself, since 2004, Essilor conducts systematic wearer tests on its leading brands Varilux, Crizal and Xperio® before they reach the market.

Man wearing glasses powered by Essilor lenses

Care to participate in the Essilor innovation process?

18,981 people

tested Essilor spectacle lenses

14,185 people

tested and rated Essilor lenses in real life conditions

312 studies

on Essilor lenses conducted with consumers