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Société des Lunetiers® sunglasses

Société des Lunetiers was born of a unique human adventure, which began in 1849 in the heart of Paris. At the time, Le Marais was populated by artisans, with their workshops nestled in the inner courtyards. It was in this historic district that thirteen Parisian spectacle makers, driven by the passion of their craft and beautiful workmanship, came together to create their frame manufacturing company. 

Société des Lunetiers® perpetuates its founders’ heritage by offering a collection of optical frames and sunglasses that combine eyewear excellence with Parisian chic. Sold with Essilor® lenses, the frames are designed to meet the effervescent rhythm of the city. Inspired heavily by urban life and traditional French touch, they display pure and fluid lines that are enhanced by graphic details.

With timeless style that subtly combine “industrial” materials and warm colors, Société des Lunetiers® revisits its classics without betraying the brand’s original spirit: a unique fusion of tradition and modernity.

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Essilor Sun sunglasses

Born with the desire to create an own sunwear brand with polarised lenses, combining elegance and modernity.

Translucent frames on a classic shape to coloured lenses on metal frames. Sober and timeless colours subtly mingle with current trends to offer unique and modern frames.

Essilor Sun offers a broad choice of shapes and colours aligned with current trends that appeal to everyone.

Available with sun lenses made by Essilor for maximum vision protection.

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Essilor Sun Sand Crystal

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