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your lenses

Scratches spoil the look of your
glasses. They can blur and may
impair your vision. Here are some
tips to keep your glasses safe
and scratch-free.


wear & tear

It is worth considering scratch resistant lenses if you have a physical job that involves you being on your feet for most of the day or if you work in a manual job where the environment has loose materials that could potentially damage your lenses.

If you have children - they're lenses may be prone to knocks in the playground everyday.

Extend The Life
Of Your Lenses

If you want your glasses to last longer:

  • Protect your glasses with quality scratch resistant lenses – look for a manufacturer’s guarantee
  • A scratch resistant layer provides a double varnish and shock-absorbing coating
  • Only use a micro-fibre lens cloth to clean your glasses – a facial tissue or the bottom of your t-shirt will damage the surface of the lens


High risk areas

Even when you may not be wearing your glasses, they are vulnerable to damage if left on the coffee table, or in your jacket pocket. If you're not wearing your glasses, keep them in their case.

All About Vision


Glasses are worn by billions
of people around the world.

Learn more about how their most
important component, the lens, works.

Recommended Product

Say goodbye to scratches

Crizal Forte UV


Recommended Product

Say goodbye to scratches

Crizal® Kids UV

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Did You Know?
Sign of Quality

Protective surfaces

A scratch resistant lens protects the sensitive optical surface of the lens with a hard layer. Your glasses won't look any different! Look for a manufacturer's guarantee as a sign of quality.