Protect Your Eyes
The Solar Eclipse

The biggest solar eclipse for 16 years
is the talk of the town.

Your Eyes

This exciting phenomenon is now upon us, or rather, above us.

If you are using safety glasses to watch the eclipse, make sure you look away from the sun before putting the glasses on or taking them off – it may seem obvious, but it’s an easy mistake to make. It is also important to ensure the safety glasses are undamaged and that no light leaks in from the sides. If viewing with children, they should be closely supervised to ensure they don’t remove the glasses while looking at the sun.

In anticipation of this exciting event and to ensure the public are sufficiently protected, Essilor has teamed up with newspapers in England and Scotland to distribute thousands of free safety specs. This will allow you to watch the eclipse easily and safely without worrying about damaging your eyes.  On Wednesday, March 18th and Thursday, March 19th 2015 the safety glasses will be available in:
  • Scottish Daily Record
  • Plymouth Herald
  • Western Morning News
  • Leicester Mercury
On Friday, March 20th, an Essilor team will also be at a special event held at Leicester Race Course to coincide with the solar eclipse. In addition, Essilor’s giant eye mascots, The Protectors, will be handing out free safety glasses for you to witness and enjoy the eclipse safely.  The free safety glasses are sponsored by Crizal UV lenses. 

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