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How to reduce swim sensation when wearing varifocal lenses

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Getting used to wearing spectacles for the first time can be tricky, particularly if you are wearing varifocal lenses.

Varifocal lenses, also known as progressive lenses, offer 3 different vision zones within one lens. Providing near, intermediate and far vision zones. When they were first invented in 1959, they became the most important innovation in eyewear since bifocals.

Getting used to wearing spectacles for the first time can be tricky, particularly if you are wearing varifocal lenses. The eye and brain need time to adjust to the different refractive powers across the lens. This can sometimes lead to what’s known as ‘swim sensation’, although it doesn’t happen to everyone.

Swim sensation happens when an image appears distorted through the lens and some wearers may experience a sensation of balance loss. It has been known to occur in older models of varifocal lenses and it can be quite disorientating.

This can be reduced by wearing lenses that have been created with modern technology to help and support adaptation.

Varilux lenses

Varilux X series lenses have been created with breakthrough technology in order to deliver sharp and seamless vision across all zones. Ensuring a smooth transition across the lens, Varilux X series lenses have the ability to reduce swim sensation.

Nanoptix technology has been utilised to re-engineer the lens itself, resulting in virtually no image distortion and better vision stability across all the vision zones. The technology works by flattening the molecules within the lens, refining the curvature and making it easier for you to adapt to wearing them.

To ensure your vision experience is as natural as possible while wearing Varilux X series lenses, we have developed a unique measurement process. Your lenses can be modified using 7 measurements including your near vision behaviour, physiological shape of your eye and even the frame you’ve chosen. This delivers the very best visual experience, you can find this at one of our partner opticians.

Benefits of reducing swim sensation

If you have experienced swim sensation before you’ll know how disorientating it can be. It has been reported that swim sensation can make it easier to fall or miss a step when wearing older models of varifocal lenses.

Varilux X series varifocals improve your experiencing walking down stairs

Varilux X series lenses can reduce this risk and help you to adjust quicker to your new  lenses, even if you’ve never worn varifocals before. Additional technology, known as Xtend, optimises the lens further by reducing the need for excessive head movements which might be needed to find the right part of the lens to look through with previous generations of varifocal lenses. Synchroneyes technology provides edge-to-edge clarity to maximise your fields of vision.


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