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Finding the best lens technology for your favourite hobbies

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Everyone has a hobby of some description; whether it’s shopping and spending your hard-earned money, getting out on the golf course on a sunny afternoon or simply just relaxing and reading a new book. However, many of your hobbies can be hindered by poor vision, whether that’s through not being able to see clearly or being put off by changing light conditions.

New lens technologies can make it easier than ever before to enjoy your favourite hobbies, without being hindered by poor vision conditions. With summer just around the corner and days getting longer, it’s time you prepared yourself with the right lens technology to make sure you can enjoy your hobbies in all their glory!

Xperio Polarised

Partaking in hobbies outdoors faces us with harsh glare from the sun. Xperio Polarised technology can eliminate this blinding glare, offering more comfortable and safer vision.

When light waves reflect off of surfaces like roads or water they can create visible glare, which can be incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to see clearly. Xperio Polarised technology stops that dazzling light travelling to your eyes, while improving colour perception.

Xperio Polarised lenses are the perfect choice for a day on the golf course, by the lake fishing or any hobby that includes being outside for extended periods of time. Likewise, if you’re an avid skier or love watersports, these lenses can help to reduce the glare off of the water, snow or ice.

If your hobby means you’re taking part in long distance driving, the reduced glare from Xperio Polarised lenses can make it safer and easier to drive. 

Wearing sunglasses optimised for driving can make for a better drive

Transitions Signature

Transitions Signature lenses use light intelligent technology to react quickly to changing light conditions. Powered by Chromea7 technology, the billions of photochromic molecules inside the lens will react to natural light by recalibrating. This results in the optimal amount of light reaching your eyes and cutting glare.

For hobbies that take you here, there and everywhere, indoors and outdoors, Transitions Signature are a great choice.

Transitions Style Colours

If you love socialising and being a guy or girl about town, you’ll want to make sure you look stylish as well as protecting your eyes from the sun. Transitions Style Colours offer improved visual comfort as the lenses will adapt to light while you’re out and about and will go clear when you’re indoors.

There are 4 different colours to suit your personal style; amber, amethyst, emerald and sapphire. Creating a style-savvy look, you can benefit from advanced protection from harmful light while looking great.

So, if you spend your spare time shopping or dining al fresco, you can be stylish and practical with Transitions Style Colours.

Transitions XTRActive

Transitions XTRActive benefit from light intelligent technology to seamlessly adapt to the changing light conditions. Photochromic lenses activate when exposed to UV light, but the likes of car windshields block UV and so many photochromic lenses won’t react when you're driving. That’s where Transitions XTRActive come in handy.

The unique technology in Transitions XTRActive lenses mean they respond to visible light as well as UV, meaning they’ll activate when you’re in the car and will go even darker when outdoors. These lenses are incredibly helpful when driving; particularly in early evening when the light is susceptible to change. If your hobby includes driving to and from some great locations, make sure you have your Transitions XTRActive lenses with you!


Generally speaking, no matter what you’re doing in your spare time, you should be protecting your eyes from the likes of UV light. After all, you put on sun cream to protect your skin; why not take similar steps for your eyes?

Crizal lens enhancements can offer protection from harmful light whether you’re indoors or outside, leaving you to enjoy yourself.

The same Crizal lens enhancements can ensure your lenses are protected from the of enemies of clear vision such as scratches, smudges, dust and water so you can continue with your favourite hobbies without having to worry about distractions.

Glasses specific for your hobbies can help your lifestyle no matter your age


Glasses for sports

Find the right glasses for your lifestyle and hobbies


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