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Finding the right varifocal lens for you

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Varifocal lenses, first invented by us in 1959, became a revolutionary way to correct presbyopia. They allow you to see clearly at difference distances, and in particular, offer a seamless transition between the different vision zones for natural and comfortable vision.

If your vision requires multiple corrections for refractive errors like myopia and presbyopia, varifocal lenses are a straightforward solution. As technology continues to emerge and new solutions become available, it is now possible to invest in varifocal lenses that suit your individual lifestyle and needs.

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Here we take a look at some of our varifocal lenses to help you choose the right lens solution for your requirements.

Varilux X series

Varilux X series lenses are our best universal varifocal lenses. Why? Because they can provide total visual freedom if you suffer from presbyopia, with a lens design that is easy to adapt to.

Varilux X series lenses have been created with smooth visual adjustments, with reduced image distortions across all vision zones to deliver comfortable vision. These lenses reduce the need to move your head in order to see through the best part of the lens, which was a problem with previous varifocal designs. Now you’ll be able to see things clearly by looking through any part of the lens rather than pointing your nose at exactly what you want to see, allowing you to maintain a fast-paced lifestyle.

Keeping up with your everyday needs, Varilux X lenses make it easier to see the most important things in life, with details that clear from edge to edge.

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Varilux Road Pilot

If your daily activities include frequent driving, you may benefit from varifocal lenses optimised for the road. Varilux Road Pilot lenses are optimised for all vehicles and offer large fields of vision so you don’t miss a thing behind the wheel.

When in your car for instance you need to be able to see up close, such as the dials and dashboard, as well as spotting hazards in the distance. This can be challenging if you experience presbyopia. Varilux Road Pilot or optimised for these distances as well as delivering clear peripheral vision for safer driving and better confidence.

Varilux Road Pilot lenses differ from other varifocal lens designs as they enhance your distance and intermediate fields of vision, perfect for those who spend a lot of time on the road.

Varilux Digitime

In today’s digitally-driven world, there probably isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t look at a digital screen. Many of you will use computers for hours on end due to work, or use a smartphone to socialise and catch up with friends.

Woman wearing varifocal lenses surfs the web on her phone

This increase in use of digital devices can affect your visual and postural comfort, as we strain to see the screen clearly. Varilux Digitime lenses are optimised specifically for digital device usage. They are designed to make it easier to see small characters on your smartphone, allowing you to maintain a natural posture as much as possible improving neck and shoulder comfort.

Varilux Digitime varifocal lenses can answer the needs of presbyopes who regularly interact with digital screens, whether it’s the television or mobile phone. They are easy to adapt to, and can provide comfortable vision from the moment you put them on.

Varilux SunMax

If your lifestyle is much more active and you often find yourself outdoors, your lenses should reflect this. Varilux SunMax lenses are varifocals designed for sport performance glasses, providing sharp vision and seamless transitions between visual zones.

If you are particularly active or athletic, you will likely require a pair of glasses or sunglasses that fit snugly and stay in place. However, these sports styles should also be able to support your prescription needs, as well as protecting you from sunlight.

Varilux SunMax varifocal lenses are optimised perfectly for wrap-around sports sunglasses and can minimise distortions for clear vision. Achieve maximum performance without worrying about your vision.

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