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How to find the right optician

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Finding the right optician is important because you are putting your eye health in the hands of someone else, and you should feel comfortable and confident in their services. If you are looking for an optician to look after your vision, consider what it is important to you, from professional staff to cutting-edge technology.

No matter the reason for looking for an optician, it can feel as though the choice is endless. So, what factors should you look out for when choosing an optician?

Knowledgeable staff 

Above everything else, it is crucial that your optician understands your needs and takes your lifestyle into account. Eye examination results can be incredibly different from patient to patient, with each person having a different level of clear vision. 

A woman having a full eye examination with an phoropter head

Whether you are looking for advice on choosing the right frames or understanding the right lenses for your lifestyle, the right optician can be instrumental in helping you get more out of your vision.

Our range of lenses are perfectly tailored for different visual needs, with different types offering the best solutions for every lifestyle. We have partnered with practices across the UK to offer the best lenses, whether you have a refractive error, low vision or eye health problems.

In-practice equipment 

Visioffice X tower used to measure dominant eye, eye rotation and frame fit measurements

Technology is the driving force behind many businesses, including opticians’ practices. Some opticians are now able to access the latest technology for eye examinations thanks to partnering with Essilor. ​

If you are concerned about your eye health, or you would simply like a more detailed look at your vision, it’s important to find an optician that is experienced in this. There are certain instruments and equipment available that can provide ultimate precision and accuracy when measuring your vision.

At Essilor, we provide opticians with technology that can precisely measure your glasses prescription, as well as being able to identify any anomalies in your eye health through comfortable and hassle-free examinations.

Advanced Vision Accuracy (AVA) is the result of 5 years’ research and analysis, providing a simpler and more accurate way of testing your vision. Eyesight and lenses are measured in dioptres; for decades, this measurement has been done to a quarter of a dioptre (D). You will recognise this on your prescription by seeing values like .25D or .75D. Thanks to AVA technology, opticians can measure to 0.01D, which is incredibly more precise. 

Personalised service  

Precise measurements are instrumental in offering the most personalised service possible. Having access to personalised lenses can make a huge difference to your vision. After all, there is so much more to your eyesight than refractive error. 

Your optician can measure more than your prescription, they can measure your vision behaviour and physiological dimensions, such as your dominant eye and eye rotation-centre. These values allow your lenses to be manufactured to your specific requirements, even the frame you choose to wear. 

Lenses for your lifestyle

If you often spend time at a computer due to work, your optician should be able to offer you optimised lenses for screens. Whatever your hobbies or line of work, lenses specific for your lifestyle are a seamless way to ensure you can see clearly at all times.

So, if you want a personalised service with cutting-edge technology on your next visit to the optician, use our optician finder and unlock the full potential of your eyes. 

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