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Discomfort while driving at night

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Do you have trouble feeling safe while driving at night like 17 million drivers in the UK?

34 Million drivers in the UK

17 million struggle to see at night(1)


Discomfort while driving is a common occurrence with changes in light, causing eye sensitivity. It is documented more accidents happen at night and according to the research, drivers experience visual discomfort from the glare of oncoming headlights.

 In the development of our latest anti-reflective coating, Crizal Drive, we have discovered 5 struggles drivers experience when driving at night, and provide you with 10 safety tips.

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infographic on the facts about night driving through to ten safety tips which you can take.


When we drive at night we’re faced with many issues that affect our vision. With the lack of light, our vision is limited in concern to depth perception, distinguishing colours and our peripheral vision, all of which are very important when it comes to driving. We’re also faced with glare and reflections from headlights, streetlights and brake lights. Crizal Drive has been specifically designed to reduce reflections up to 90% when you’re on the road at night(2) resulting in comfortable vision and improved visual acuity. Get your confidence back when on the road no matter the time of day by enhancing your glasses for driving.  


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(1) 34 million motorists in the UK - The Eyecare Trust, October 2014. 31% people avoid driving at night - The Eyecare Trust, populus surveyed 1,056 adults to reflect the UK population

(2) vs. a standard hard coat lens with no anti-reflective coating