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Human eyes have much more potential than we think

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Whether you’re new to glasses or have worn them for years you’ve probably come across the term glasses prescription. Your prescription is the result of your eye examination and allows your optician to dispense the right lenses to correct your vision.

Eyesight and corrective lenses are measured in dioptres, a unit of power. For decades eyes have been measured to a quarter of a dioptre(D), you may have seen your lens prescription ends with .25D, .50D .75D or just .00D. This abides by the current correction standards, but it limits the precision corrective lenses can deliver and fundamentally it can limit your experiences as your eyes can perceive a much higher precision(1). It's like wearing a suit or dress that is your size category but it doesn't quite fit your exact measurements.


After five years of scientific research and analysing more than 100,000 vision parameters(2), we have developed a breakthrough in high precision vision: Advanced Vision Accuracy™.

AVA, Advanced Vision Accuracy, an Essilor innovation

Essilor® AVA™ is a revolutionary vision experience that delivers ultimate precision to unlock the potential of your eyes. With a new highly precise and simpler way of testing your vision, our partner opticians can now measure your eyes to 0.01D. No matter what your lens prescription; +2.21D, -5.32D or -11.11D, your new glasses can be made to 0.01 dioptres instead of being rounded up or down. Our latest research shows that 95%(1) of people have more sensitive vision than the current correction steps of 0.25 dioptres.

What does AVA change?

  1. More precise eye exam
  2. A new protocol enabling a comparison between a lens with AVA and a lens without AVA, in a real-life situation
  3. Optimised lenses designed with an AVA prescription
  4. Sharp and comfortable lenses
Give your eyes the precision they deserve


You don't put up with the clarity of standard definition on your television, so why would you with your lenses?

See more colours with AVA lens technology

See the world as it’s meant to be seen with no restrictions from your lenses. Every detail will be captured thanks to AVA™ technology, available with a range of Varilux varifocals and Eyezen single vision lenses.


Use our optician finder and filter by 'highly precise lenses' to find opticians who can deliver the most precise vision measurements and lenses with AVA™ technology.


that provide AVA™ precise eye examinations

Find an optician


(1) Study conducted by Essilor® - 146 patients between 18yo and 65yo – Singapore – 2016.

(2) Vision parameters analysed are parameters that were generated from real refraction data and processed using a robot simulating subjective answers.

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