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The advantages of a tailored lens solution

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Everyone’s vision can differ hugely; even within your own family, you may have different vision needs to your siblings or parents. However, many standard lens solutions don’t take this into account, often providing a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf option for customers.

Within the movement of the eye, there is something known as the eye rotation centre. This indicates at what point the eye rotates, and it can differ by up to 30% from person to person. The eye rotation centre can play a huge part in making sure you have the right lenses for your needs.

With that in mind, why should your lenses not be tailored specifically to your eye anatomy and vision capabilities?

Correcting your vision

There are 3 parts to finding a lens solution to suit your needs; each work together to create lenses that suit your vision and lifestyle and that can be personalised to your visual and behavioural requirements. The first and most important part is correcting your vision.

If you suffer from a refractive error, such as myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia, correcting your vision is arguably the main reason for wearing lenses. When attending regular eye examinations, your optometrist will test your vision and see whether you need a corrective lens solution. It is likely you will need one of two options; single vision lenses or varifocal lenses.

By wearing a corrective lens solution that is chosen based on your vision needs, you can ensure clearer vision and a sharper picture to compensate for the specific refractive error that you have.

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Protecting your vision

The second part to finding a tailored lens solution is equally as important. Your lifestyle may require a protective element to your lenses, in order to support optimal eye health. In a world where the risk factors of UV light are becoming more well-known, why not have your lenses tailored to provide this additional protection?

Whether this means having a lens solution that automatically adapts to bright light, or having the latest UV protection technology embedded into the lens, prescription lenses from Essilor can deliver the right solution to support and promote eye health.

Enhancing clarity

To further ensure your lens solution meets your individual needs, the third part is adding a lens enhancement to create complete clarity. Shield your vision from reflections and protect your lenses from smudges and scratches for a picture-perfect view through your lenses.

Enhance your lenses to suit you, aesthetics, harmful Blue-Violet  and UV light protection or creating even sharper vision alongside your corrective prescription.

Vision and lifestyle needs

Your lifestyle plays a huge part in learning which lens solution is best suited to you. For instance, do you spend a lot of time looking at computer screens? If yes, you may benefit from a lens that is designed to reduce eye strain. If you have an active, busy lifestyle, then you need lenses that are easy to adapt to and offer enhanced visual comfort.


A tailored lens solution is much more than just an accurate prescription. It can take into account your vision behaviour, physiological behaviour and frame choice to give you the most accurate lens for your needs.

Personalised lenses can make it much easier to begin wearing lenses, because they provide a natural fit for your eye.

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With precise measurements and visual comfort, tailored lenses can equip you with many advantages for clear vision. Use our optician finder to find an eye care professional who can measure and dispense personalised lenses today.


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