Your life and eyes

Here you can find your guide to vision solutions to suit your lifestyle. This collection of articles has been written to support you when looking for more information about choosing the right lenses for your lifestyle whether that be sporting pursuits through to driving.

Your life and eyes 6 min read

Night-time driving glasses: 9 signs you might need them

When you’re on the road and the day turns to dusk it brings its own unique safety challenges, whether you drive a car, ride a bicycle or a motorbike. To help improve your driving experience, we’ve broken down and explained 9 unique signs around how your vision can be impaired at night.

Your life and eyes 7 min read

Common eye conditions that can affect your road skills

Whether you’re a driver, a cyclist, a biker or a pedestrian, your vision plays a fundamental role in your journey when on the road. We discuss some of the common eye conditions that may affect you on the road and what you can do to manage them successfully.

Your life and eyes 4 min read

Improving your visual comfort with lens coatings

Lens coatings, also known as lens enhancements, are a great way to make your lenses even more effective, improving your visual comfort and acuity. Acting as a fundamental part of your prescription lenses, lens coatings have some of the most up-to-date technology to ensure healthy vision.

Your life and eyes 3 min read

Driving safely at night with Essilor lenses

You can take steps to improve your lens performance for things like glare, which can make it more comfortable to drive at night. Lens enhancements have been specifically designed to provide clarity of vision, whether that’s through scratch-resistant properties or glare reduction.

Your life and eyes 2 min read

National eye health week

From 23rd to 29th September this year, National Eye Health Week will be taking place across the UK. The week-long initiative has been created to remind everyone just how important it is to look after your eyes, no matter what age you are.