Your life and eyes

Here you can find your guide to vision solutions to suit your lifestyle. This collection of articles has been written to support you when looking for more information about choosing the right lenses for your lifestyle whether that be sporting pursuits through to driving.

Your life and eyes 5 min read

What Is Blinding Glare & How to Prevent It

If you have ever experienced glare before, you’ll know how uncomfortable and even blinding it can be. In some instances, glare can even be dangerous. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to suffer with it; with the right lenses, you can eliminate glare and enjoy clear, comfortable vision.

Your life and eyes 4 min read

3 Considerations for Sports Lenses

Any sport requires clear and sharp vision, whether you play football, golf, tennis or you’re an avid cyclist. If you play sport for fun or professionally, and you begin to notice a change in your vision, it’s important to visit your optician for an eye examination to help you find the right solution.

Your life and eyes 3 min read

Create Your Own Lens For Your Own Unique Needs

The lens designer will help you understand which protective element should be added to your lens. This can include having a clear lens with the ability to block harmful light, a light intelligent lens that will darken when exposed to light or a tinted lens.