Your life and eyes

Here you can find your guide to vision solutions to suit your lifestyle. This collection of articles has been written to support you when looking for more information about choosing the right lenses for your lifestyle whether that be sporting pursuits through to driving.

Your life and eyes 3 min read

How to Take Care of Your Glasses

Whether you are new to glasses or are just looking for a better way to keep them clean and protected, here is some advice to help you take care of your glasses.

4 min read

10 guidelines for improving your driving at night

Driving at night can be more dangerous than driving during the daytime due to darker conditions, glare from headlights and other road hazards. Because of these risks, it is important to maintain visual safety and take appropriate vehicle-related precautions.

Your life and eyes 2 min read

What is an OCT scan?

An OCT scan can help your optician to see what’s going on beneath the surface of your eye, providing a full picture of your eye health.

Your life and eyes 2 min read

How to avoid eye infections

Getting an eye infection can be uncomfortable and even painful, and it's important they aren't left untreated. Follow these tips to avoid eye infections.

Your life and eyes 5 min read

National Eye Health Week 2020

From Monday 21st to Sunday 27th September, National Eye Health Week aims to remind us all of the importance of good eye health and the need for regular eye examinations.