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How Does Optifog Work?

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Wearing face coverings will be a staple part of our everyday lives for some time to come, especially if you need to wear PPE for work. Face masks have played a crucial role in preventing the spread of coronavirus over the last few months, and for many, it has made it easier to do everyday tasks without feeling at risk. For the general public and for those who now need face coverings for work, there is one challenge that was perhaps unforeseen.

Have you found that your glasses now mist up when wearing your mask at the same time? It can be unpredictable, annoying and even dangerous, as it can disrupt your vision as you go about your business. This happens when the temperature changes from hot to cold, and can occur both outside and indoors. The heat from your breath under your mask can cause your lenses to steam up, usually because the lens surface is cold.

Whether you’re working or doing the supermarket shop, it can be a real problem for your vision. This is where Optifog can help.

Discover an anti-fog lens solution

Optifog is a unique anti-fog system that prevents your lenses from steaming up, which is particularly helpful when wearing a face covering. For many, wearing a face mask has resulted in having to take your glasses off, which is no good if you need to wear glasses for everyday tasks.

You’ve no doubt experienced steamed up glasses on many occasions, including opening the oven door or walking into a warm room after coming in from the cold. It can sometimes take longer than you’d like for your lenses to return to clear, which is very frustrating.

Optifog can remove such an inconvenience and make fogged up lenses a thing of the past.

How do anti-mist lens coatings work?

Optifog is a combined solution of two patented technologies: an anti-fog top layer and a smart cloth. The lens itself has a special layer that stops your glasses from steaming up. The smart cloth has anti-fog molecules, which activate this unique lens layer.

How does Optifog work?

All you need to do is clean your Optifog lenses with the smart cloth at the start of each day, and you can experience fog-free vision all day. Every two weeks, wash your lenses with water for optimal clear vision.

It’s recommended that you renew your smart cloth every three months or 450 activations. You can do this with your local optician.

Your Optifog lenses are created with several other benefits too, to aid clear and comfortable vision. Your lenses will be scratch-resistant, dust repellent and can protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Optifog lenses can also help to reduce glare, helping you get more out of your lenses than just being steam-free.

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