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Vision Aid Overseas support a school

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On Sunday 19th November 2019, five employees from Essilor embarked on a trip to Ethiopia to take part in the Great Ethiopian Run to raise money for Vision Aid Overseas support a school programme.

About Vision Aid Overseas

An optician in Ethiopia stood next to eye examination chart

Vision Aid Overseas was founded in 1985 by a group of opticians that wanted to improve access to primary eye care. Shifting from supplying eyeglasses to underserved areas, the group now focuses on delivering development to future proof primary eye care in these areas around the globe. Essilor shares Vision Aid Overseas vision to eradicate poor eyesight. We have worked with the charity through fundraising and sharing their message “Every person deserves the right to clear vision.”

Support a school

Millions of children worldwide suffer from eyesight conditions making everyday life difficult, including schoolwork. This is why VAO has begun work in East Wollega, Ethiopia, a rural area with a high level of poverty, to provide children at school access to primary eye health care and, if needed, suitable vision solutions. The charity looks to prove the need for a national eye health programme across Ethiopia in partnership with the ministries of health and education.

Students in a school in Ethiopia


Five Essilor staff members took part in the Great Ethiopian Run in November 2019 to raise money for the Support a school programme. Pushed to the test by running 10KM at high altitudes and in extreme heat, all to carry Essilor’s mission of improving lives by improving sight. Watch their video to find out what it meant to them.

Essilor - Vision Aid Overseas

To find out more about Vision Aid Overseas and how to support them, click here.

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