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The Benefits of Visiting an Essilor Partner Optician

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At Essilor, we have been designing and creating a huge range of lenses for over 170 years. Our history began in France under the name of Société des Lunetiers, a frame making brand that began acquiring lens and frame factories in order to export products all over the world. The name eventually became Essilor in 1972, and since then we have continued to pioneer innovative breakthroughs in lens technology. From the creation of the world’s first varifocal lens, the team at Essilor create solutions that are tailored specifically to your lifestyle, age, hobbies and visual needs. Everyone’s vision is different, and our modern technology has allowed us to accommodate for this, making enhanced vision more accessible.

How do you buy Essilor lenses?

Essilor lenses and other optical solutions are designed to correct, protect and enhance your vision. Created through innovation and years of research, our lenses can keep up with your lifestyle with ease.

You have the chance to access Essilor lenses through our partner opticians. We have hundreds of opticians located around the country that have signed up to work with us, stocking our lenses and making use of our optical equipment during routine eye examinations.

You can find an optician that stocks Essilor products by using our very own optician finder. At the top of each page on our website, look for the button at the top that says, ‘Book an eye test’, and this will help you find your nearest Essilor optician.

Why should you choose an Essilor partner optician?

Our partner opticians are all independent practices that are part of their local communities. By joining us, they have committed to offering you the best possible eye care services, with state-of-the-art equipment and lenses to help you see clearly and comfortably.

Our Essilor partner opticians will be able to offer you a great range of lens options, including varifocals, single vision, photochromic lenses, polarised lenses and more. We also have a range of lens coatings that you may find at your Essilor partner optician’s practice, perfect for making sure your lenses remain scratch free and have additional protective elements for UV light and reflections.

It’s not just about the lenses though. Our Essilor partner opticians will have access to optical instruments that allow them to carry out more accurate and in-depth eye assessments. This means they can offer you a more precise prescription for sharper, clearer vision, as well as advanced screening for eye conditions.

If you’re looking for the best in vision care, find your local Essilor partner optician.

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