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Essilor sponsors the ABDO college decathlon - in aid of Vision Care for Homeless People

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Essilor is proud to sponsor The Eyezen Start Sprint (100m race) at the Association of British Dispensing Optician (ABDO) college decathlon in aid of the charity Vision Care for homeless people.

On Friday 17th May ABDO college students and staff will take part in a decathlon to help aid the charity Vision Care for homeless people. The charity provides eyecare services to homeless and other vulnerable people in an accessible and friendly environment in which they feel safe, welcome and comfortable.

Research has shown that uncorrected refractive errors such as short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism are higher for those who are homeless meaning services like an eye test and glasses are needed regularly to help as many vulnerable people as possible.  By providing a free full comprehensive eye examination the charity helps as many homeless people as they possibly can. 

An eye examination will not only identify the need for glasses but can also pick up underlying eye conditions and the early these are found the easier it is to manage them which is even more important for the people in this situation. 

Essilor supports Vision Care for homeless people by also providing a free fitting service of lenses into spectacle frames in our London branch.

Find out more about Vision Care for homeless people on their website.  

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