Eyesight by age

We're all susceptible to different forms of eye problems over the course of our lives. Some we may inherit and others will develop with age. Find the relevant age category and discover the eye conditions that could affect you or your loved one. By knowing the signs and symptoms will help you detect changes early on making it easier to prevent or manage eye conditions.

Eyesight by age 3 min read

Top Vision Concerns for Young Adults

No matter your age, looking after your vision is so important. It’s easy to forget how hard your eyes work throughout the day, and some of the most common eye conditions don’t present any symptoms until it’s too late. As you get older, it can be helpful to be aware of the factors that could impact your eye health, and what you can do to prevent any future problems.

3 min read

Myopia Over 40: Can You Also Develop Presbyopia?

Have you noticed your eyesight declining when trying to read a book or a text on your phone; or perhaps you have started to struggle to read a restaurant menu? It could be a natural change known as presbyopia, and it is very common as you reach your 40s and 50s.