They may look similar but not all spectacles lenses are the same.  Our lenses are systematically developed, tested and validated by people like you, because we only want to create visual solutions that are relevant to you. Essilor’s innovation process is built around you and only you can tell us the difference you see.


Inspired by your life

Brain activity for eyesight

You might already know that 80% of information you receive comes from sight, but did you know 40% of your brain activity is dedicated just to vision.

This is why we are dedicated to best visual solutions and strive to address all the complexities of vision.

We work with people like you to examine their vision and visual habits allowing us to develop and  test vision solutions in real life situations.


Understanding your vision in daily life situations is key to developing lenses and to ensure they are adapted to you. The HouseLabTM has been built specifically to run a range of tests to observe and record how people behave when wearing spectacles. How they walk up and down stairs, read, use digital devices, cook, DIY and everything else that happens in their own home.

Vision simulator used to research and develop glasses


Good vision is critical to safe driving. The CarLabTM helps us understand how to improve vision for road users. In a controlled environment we simulate glare and other vision situations that drivers regularly encounter. By measuring theses experiences we develop solutions to combat and enhance.

Vision simulator used to develop driving glasses


Physiological and behavioural data is captured during the processes using a multi-sensory digital technique in 3D virtual reality and simulations, allowing us to amplify specific real-life effects and reactions. From the findings we are able to draw specifications that are compliant with the visual and postural needs of each person.

Simulation of a lab used to research and develop glasses

MoVis Room

Multiple cameras that detect behaviour in real-life situations, such as your movements and posture when reading or using digital devices. The MoVis room has helped us identify new behaviours linked to digital device usage and led us to develop Eyezen lenses and, most recently, identifying near vision behaviour, leading to the development of Varilux X series lenses.

We explore new horizons in the optical world: electronics, digital, IT....  We are always aiming to improve people’s vision  and our innovative bespoke vision solutions are as unique as your vision.

Motion sensors used to research and develop Essilor lenses

Live Optics™

Wearers test our lenses in blind product tests in real-life situations, known as Live Optics™, allowing us to establish how our innovations are improving people’s visual experiences during their everyday life. Only vision solutions that obtain the highest satisfaction levels are developed further and make it to your optician. Although they are invisible, there are a lot of technologies at work in a lens. That’s what defines the difference between one spectacle lens to another.

Real life situations help us research and develop lenses


Complex eye conditions

We create personalised solutions to help people with complex vision conditions that traditional lenses cannot correct. Our eye care partners collaborate with our R&D labs in Paris, Dallas and Singapore. There we perform complex calculations for custom-designed lenses with a unique industrial process at our Special Lenses laboratory in France.

Manufacturing machine for an optical lens

Highly skilled in crafting lenses, the team has been able to correct a -108.00D short-sightedness for a professional photographer in Slovakia, manufacture a 35.00D prismatic correction for a patient in the Czech Republic and craft a +70.00D lens to help an Australian woman see more comfortably again.

Research partnerships

Effective innovation and testing also requires external, objective input.  Working with reputable independent third parties worldwide such as:  Paris Vision Institute, Universities of Shangaï and Wenzhou and Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal.  Essilor is partnered with the most advanced academic and research entities worldwide to develop lens innovations and new vision solutions.


In 2018, Essilor was ranked, for the 8th consecutive year, among the world’s 100 most innovative companies by Forbes Magazine.


Inclusive business models

We seek to make visual solutions accessible in emerging countries whose populations are often excluded because of financial, cultural or geographical barriers.

2.5 Vision New Generation is an innovative inclusive business model designed to be scaleable and sustainable which has developed programmes like Eye Mitra, which has already brought primary vision care services to rural areas in India.

An Eye Mitra optician in India



Every lens we create is a combination of multiple complementary technologies that correct your vision, protect your eyes and vision and enhance clarity.



Correct your vision

Varifocal corrective lens design. You are able to see close-up, far and everything in between, with visual comfort. For wearers who are 40+.



Correct your vision

Single vision corrective lens design. Enhanced everyday lenses, designed to prevent or reduce eyestrain when you’re working or socialising on digital devices.



Protect your eye health

Light intelligent technology for your lenses giving you effortless vision. Transitions helps reduce glare, eye fatigue and eye strain by reacting to UV and visible light for the perfect tint in every light.

Eye Protect System

Eye Protect System

Protect your eye health

With Eye Protect System applied, your lens solution helps protect your eyes from harmful blue-violet light and ultraviolet light all day, everyday indoors and outdoors.



Protect your eye health

Sun lens technology that protects your eyes from UV light and can reduce blinding glare, so you have optimal vision no matter how bright it is outside. Available in a wide range of colours and mirror finishes to match any frame and style.



Enhance your clarity

Combine Crizal to enhance your total lens solution. A treatment which improves sharp vision, lens aesthetics and protects your lenses from the enemies of clear vision.