School vision screenings in your local community


Good vision is essential for our everyday well-being and quality of life. Seeing well enables us to learn, work, and fully interact with the world around us. That’s why we are involved with private, public and voluntary organisations to help improve lives by raising the priority given to eye health.

Vision issues can impact the success of children in school and also their normal functioning outside of school, from socialising to downtime. Unlike other conditions that children can suffer from, issues with a child’s vision can often go unidentified due to the slow progression of the impairment. Children can think that their blurred vision is normal and because of this they rely on their parents, guardians, teachers and community to advocate good vision care.

Children's eye examinations help them learn

By working with your community, your child’s school and local eye care professionals, we aim to screen as many children’s eyes in a safe and friendly environment to help us identify any underlying eye conditions. Our screening programme raises awareness the impact of poor vision can have on a child and in turn help support more parents and guardians with their child’s sight. The results of the screening can help spot vision anomalies.

The screening does not replace an eye examination but allows us to refer a visit to an optician for a full eye examination where eye conditions can be assessed early on detection. The sooner an eye conditions is identified the sooner it can be treated and where possible resolved.

Why do we do it?

80% of learning in a child’s first 12 years comes through their eyes yet its estimated that one in five children has an undetected problem with their vision(1). Early detection of refractive errors and eye conditions enables the intervention required to maintain normal visual development trajectories. As many as 1 in 3 parents think children should have their eyes tested for the first time they start school(2). In fact the sooner any eye condition is found, the better.

Correcting a child's vision is important

Even if your child cannot read there are eye tests that involve pictures and shapes which allows the optician to assess their vision. NHS eye examinations are free for all children and are available at your local optician. A sight test and correction can give every child the ability to see clearly, learn effectively and develop fully.

Every time a child receives a pair of glasses, a life is changed. A child with corrected vision will see the world clearly experiencing all the wonders and details on their own. Vivid colours, accurate details, full potential. Glasses can support life-changing moments throughout a child’s life. Just seeing the white board in class clearly, their text book or even other children in the playground can make their life easier and bring a smile to their face.

Vision should not be taken for granted and every child deserves to see to their maximum potential.

Good vision helps children at school


It’s for these reasons why we partner with your local schools, to raise eye care awareness and to help children identify uncorrected eye conditions that can bring correction where needed. If you’re a school and would like to partner with us please contact us!

Recent school screenings

(1) Statistics provided by the Eyecare Trust and based on DCSF 2013 School Census 0-12 year olds.

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