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Problems seeing
distant objects

It can be problematic if your distance vision deteriorates, especially for activities like driving. But treatments tend to be straightforward.


Signs you are

Near vision tends to be clear, but distant objects appear blurred.

Myopia tends to affect people who do a lot of close-up activity such as sewing or reading; have a family history of short-sightedness; were born prematurely or have other eye-related health conditions. As a myopic, you might experience frequent headaches and halos around lights.

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Signs of

Images will appear blurred or stretched. Symptoms will include blurred distant vision, eyestrain, headaches and squinting.

If you suffer from astigmatism you'll find driving at night a struggle.

What is a
Refractive Error?

People who can’t focus properly on objects in the distance are usually suffering from short-sightedness or astigmatism. In both cases, the eye experiences what’s called a ‘refractive error’. Instead of bending directly onto the retina, rays focus in front of it, making distant objects appear blurred.

While both conditions are refractive errors and have similar problems, there are some distinct differences. If you suspect you may have a problem, then book an appointment for an eye examination.

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  • Teste de visão à distância
  • Teste de visão ao perto
  • Teste de visão para astigmatismo
  • Teste para visão para daltonismo


Regular eye examinations at your optician are the best way to ensure healthy vision.

A simple check up is straightforward and painless.

Your optician will perform a number of tests to assess your vision at all distances and for conditions such as colour vision deficiency.

Find an optician

Book an eye test

Recommended Product

For distance clarity

SV 360


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For more relaxed vision

Crizal® Forte UV

Did you know?
Testing For Myopia

How to check for short-sightedness

You can check whether you're short-sighted by trying to read a car number plate from around 20 feet. If the numbers and letters are blurry, you're probably short-sighted and need glasses.

An optician will use a range of tests to check your distance vision. A common test involves covering one eye and assessing the darkness of circles in red and green squares.